Top Ten Best a Series of Unfortunate Events Books

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1 The Penultimate Peril

The most genius of the lot. Wes Anderson meets Agatha Christie

This book is my absolute FAVOURITE out of the 13. I really like how Justice Strauss and Jerome Squalor come back but it is quite sad that the Baudalaire parents killed the parents of Count Olaf.

The best, as it's set in a hotel! Who doesn't love that?

Very fun and dramatic! Loved it!

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2 The Austere Academy

The Quagmires are wonderful characters, and this is one of the most hilarious volumes in the saga!

I was wondering if Nero really had always been on count Olafs side. But life is a mystery, so I guess we'll never know.

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3 The End

Oh yah this one is the best and the longest. It's so exciting and fun totally my favorite.

I've never read the last book but my friend has and he has read the whole series and he likes the last one the best and I believe him.

4 The Reptile Room

Never a dull moment and Uncle Monty is so nice and perfect for the kids. - bchiarelli15

Love this one and uncle monty - Retroman64

5 The Bad Beggining V 2 Comments
6 The Grim Grotto
7 The Wide Window

One of my many brilliant schemes, the wide window perfectly demonstrates how treacherous I can be. - CountOlaf

This one is probably my least favorite.

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8 The Slippery Slope

You find out a lot in this one but it's sad that violet dosnt stay with quigley! - Lukerower

9 The Miserable Mill

His one is kinda boring it deserves to be at the bottom. Nothing really happens and at first it's also kind of slow going.

The only one I've read, and it is boring - Bramblestar

Not as unique as any of the others - Retroman64

This one is completely unbelievable (who sends kids to work at a lumbermill? ) and also it's got a really boring plot apart from the end - Lukerower

10 The Carnivorous Carnival

This books one of the best but also a but slow - Lukerower

*bit - Lukerower


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11 The Ersatz Elevator

This ones alright but not really unfortunate - Lukerower

Hands down best...

12 The Vile Village

This ones too unfortunate too enjoy and I hate all the rules so much - Lukerower

I loved all of these books, but the Vile Village is my favourite.

This ones too unfortunate and boring to enjoy reading - Lukerower

13 The Hostile Hospital V 1 Comment
14 Who Could that Be at This Hour?
15 The Beatrice Letters
16 13 Suspicious Incidents
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