Sexiest YouTube Ladies

10 of the sexiest ladies on YouTube. Must be a relevant YouTuber, not just a hottie in a viral video.

The Top Ten

1 Zoella

She is the most stunning person out there

She is the gorgeous. And just sexy. Nothing more to say

Breathtakingly gorgeous with a perfect body and an amazing accent with a cute laugh too!

Gorgoues! a true beauty with or without makeup

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2 Taryn Southern

This beauty can do it all: sing, act, make us laugh and rap (kinda). If you wanted your young daughter to look like someone famous, Taryn is it.

3 Juicystar07

Not an inch of her that isn't perfect, it's almost unfair towards other women.

Easily the most beautifull woman I've ever seen with an incredible body. Pretty much every inch of her is flawless

4 Rosanna Pansino

She has such a kind and caring smile that makes you think WOW!

She has the most perfect face I've ever seen

She's adorable, of course she made the list

I can only imagine her being innocent and happy.

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5 Jenna Marbles Jenna Marbles Jenna Nicole Mourey, better known by her pseudonym Jenna Marbles, is an American YouTube personality, vlogger, comedian, and actress.

When almost anyone thinks of a "sexy YouTuber," Jenna Mourey comes to mind. She has a stunning figure with large boobs, a nice ass, and a gorgeous face.

Shes so hot

she hot

6 Katilette

Dem tits, that ass.

Gigantic sexy boobs, a perfect butt, and beautiful in general

She's beautiful, so so beautiful

Colette Butler is the mommy (tard) of the SHAYTARDS. She is a devoted wife and mother who is currently pregnant wither her 5th child. Yes, I am not kidding. There is no woman who looks as good a Colette after having three kids.

7 AtomicMari

She has a nice body especially her arse

She has sexy legs and very nice hair

She has extremely beautiful hair!


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8 ExoticJess

Going from the best backside, to the best front. Jess Lizama sports a great front, back and incredible dark skin. She looks fantastic for being 30 and has a teenage daughter... Most moms with kids that age do not look like Jess, not even close.

She is quite sexy.
Becouse she,s got a sexy bum.

9 iHasCupquake

The hair, the body. Sexy and beautiful.😏

10 SSSniperWolf

Sexiest girl on the internet and bonus is a legitimate genuine gamer/person, not just some pretty girl who figured out if she talks about games guys will gawk at her and donate to Patreon.

Lia is the best YouTuber out here. She's pretty and smart and has a good taste of games. Her channel is the only one so far which has quality content. She deserves more likes and subscribers.

She is such a hottie her boobies are so round and beautiful and her round juciy butt make her look good


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The Contenders

11 Jeana Smith (prankvsprank)

Only seen tweeting video

Cute, sexy, beautiful, can talk 'bout her next milion days

12 iJustine

Super gorgeous


Of all the famous YouTubers, Justine Ezarik is usually considered the sexiest. She sports long blond hair, a flawless figure and has a bubbly personality. Female YouTubers want to be her and male YouTubers want her.

Not to mention she wears extremely cute leggings in almost EVERY video on her channel. - railfan99

13 Brittney (RomanAtwood'sGF)

She has big boobs

All around Milf. Roman used to have her in his videos in hot lingerie just to ge some views, which was genius Lol. She's sill in the videos showing her nice body.

14 CutiePieMarzia

She's absolutely gorgeous!

Should be no1



15 Lia Marie Johnson Lia Marie Johnson Lia Marie Johnson is an American actress, singer and Internet personality notable for appearing in a various web series created by the Fine Brothers, including the Emmy-winning web series Kids React, and for her own vlogging and social media output.

Incredibly gorgeous, with sexy legs, big boobs, a very nice butt, and a cute voice.

She's so hot with an unbelievable smile!

Very hot nice tip nice ass and legs

Nice ass and titts

16 Piddleass
17 Alli Trippy (CTFxC)
18 Olga Kay

Olga has it all: a sexy Russian accent, a rare talent (juggling) and the best backside on YouTube. Her dashing figure has made us all forget that fellow Russian Marina Orlova (hotforwords) ever existed.

19 Colleen Ballinger

She has the perfect bikini body with big boobs, and a very skinny waist with sexy long legs.

Duh of course its colleen

My gawd those tits!

20 iisuperwomanii

She should be 1

She sooo hot and kind and sweet and she's my favourite you tuber ever


21 AzzyLand

Her boobs are awesome


22 Omgitsfirefoxx

Sexy funny hot

Cute Face
Nice butt

23 Sommer Ray Sommer Ray
24 Jess Greenberg
25 HeyImBee
26 Jennxpenn

She's so hot with that body and her hair and those eyes.

Great body and personality

27 Ms HeartAttack
28 MissHannahMinx

Dem titties, dem eyes, that ass.

29 KPopp

I'm A girl but I love her channel.

30 Meg Turney
31 Alexis G Zall

Not only does she have hilarious comedy, but she is really cute, and hot. She has young perky boobs, very nice legs, and a perfect beautiful face.

32 LDShadowLady

She is cute and I live her and is just stunning

She is very hot with dyed hair.
Funny and has a cute laugh and voice.

33 AshleyMarieeGaming
34 Lauren Francesca

She's sexy and undressed all the time. Love it.

she is hot

35 Ingrid Nilsen
36 Grace Helbig

She has beautiful brown eyes

37 Aureylian

Hottest girl on YouTube. Gigantic boobs, a very fit but thick figure, and the cutest voice and personality of any gamer.

38 Bethany Mota

She is so beautiful and sexy

39 Jaclyn Glenn
40 Fleur DeForce
41 Katers17
42 HoppingHammy
43 Katja Krasavice
44 Jane Douglas (OutsideXbox)

Smart, sweet, sexy. She's the all-in-one package. Can't wish for more.

45 Alissa Violet
46 Piper Blush
47 Gabbie Hanna

I don't know why Rosanna Pansino is on here. To me, she's not really sexy so much as she's cute, and she's REALLY cute.
Gabbie, on the other hand, is gorgeous. She's both vulnerable and confident, which takes a lot of skill to balance. Good hair, amazing voice, pretty funny and engaging. And so what if she has a big nose? She says it's her favorite facial feature. She's said it shows her Middle Eastern heritage. I think that's awesome.

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