Top Ten Most Shocking Things Learned by Taking Polls


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1 73% of people would rather become dumber than less attractive

Humanity is ending. Humans are slowly morphing into a more terrible form. As people start dating dolls, their skin becomes plastic, robots babysitting our children and elderly, autotune replacing voices. Now we sell our brains, reaching lower and lower IQs, we morph into a buetafull form, a form with no brain or authenticity. Personalityless, and gorgeous beings, looks being the only thing we have left. We forget everything, how to breath, progress in reaserch and technology stops. Society colapses and the goverment falls apart. The world becomes cinders and ashes with fools stumbling and falling. We are dolls. - AzaleanGirl

2 100,008 people would pick flying as their super power

Simple power but pretty handy. At least it won't be as dangerous as people getting mind reading abilities. - Kiteretsunu

Well, I'd choose telekinesis or fire or teleporting - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

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3 41% of people only speak one language

There were 4 options: 1 language, 2 language 3, and 4. The question was how many languages do you speak. Being bilengual is great, it makes you smarter and it's good for traveling. We have to pick a language to learn in my school, I'm suprised other schools don't. - AzaleanGirl

4 49% of people would rather go to the past than the future

I'd go to both. I want to go to the past because I want to live in the time when rock and metal are still popular and I want to go to the future because...well I have lots of reasons of why I want to go to the futurr - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

Go to history class and learn about the past! The future is where it's at! I'd rather ride a hoverboard than enter a death camp during the halocast - AzaleanGirl

There is no guarantee that our future would be as bright as we predict. At least we can try to right the wrongs people have done in past. - Kiteretsunu

5 69% of people like sleeping in cold rooms

I just... Ugh... You know what... - AzaleanGirl

I'm one of those 69% - PianoQueen

6 75% of people talk to themself out loud when they are alone
7 68% of people feel awkward on stage

I'm those 68% of people. I can sing, but if I perform on stage, I almost can't sing at all - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

I just don't see how it's possible... Eh probably just me. - AzaleanGirl

8 40% of people would like to change appearance as a super natural ability

Well being Tonks sounds pretty flipping amazing. - keycha1n

What can you do with that? Absolutely nothing. - AzaleanGirl

9 64% of people have eaten plastic, metal, etc

Wait! Is that even true? I didn't know voters also love to troll. - Kiteretsunu

How are you still ALIVE? - AzaleanGirl

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