Top Ten Slightly Creepy Things to Hear During Your Prostate Exam

The media is full of jokes about women getting interior cramps. Now let's make things gender equal.

The Top Ten

If I block the pressure gap, it's gonna blow!
I'm going to need a condom first... Nah, screw that.
If you concentrate afterwards, you'll find the flowers I left for you.

Derived from what my uncle said when his one came. - PositronWildhawk

According to this form, you have never tested positive for leper's disease. You might want an immunity shot before I start, then.
I remember you! Didn't I do a similar thing with your daughter?

Congratulations! You're educated from Pedobear child rapist school! - Delgia2k

I'm going to apply a softening powder. Just try to look inconspicuous for when the cops get here.
Well, we know one thing. It's a healthy prostate. Do you want it in a jar or back where it was?

Well Pozzy, I was told you've never had a prostate exam, so... - keycha1n

Yes, I have three fingers and one thumb, but I assure you I never saw the rest go.

"I think ye just touched a lunnn-g."
~Karl Pilkington - gemcloben

Hold still, I'll get the rotary drill!
Look, no hands!

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You have a sexy ass.
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