Top 10 Smokeless Tobacco Brands

List of the top 10 smokeless tobacco brands in my opinion, based on quality, flavor, price, variety, popularity, nicotine content, and availability among other aspects.

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21 Copenhagen Mint

Ever since it came out, this is all I chew, better flavor than Wintergreen.

Good dip at fair price.. Gotta love the bogo 2 packs

I'm a mint guy first off but I switched from smoking a pack a day to dipping cope and it's the only chew that provides the amount of nicotine to actually keep me from smoking. great flavor, high nicotine content. in my opinion, it's the only chew worth dipping.

22 Lancaster

By FAR the best loose leaf out there

My everyday chew. I get two bags for around $6 great long lasting flavor. Most bang for the buck. Also it doesn't have the raisony taste red man does

Great chew.. perfect cut an moister.

The best LL

23 Plug

Cannon ball and days work best moneybcan buy and at 7 bucks per block trust me your payin for it

24 General

One of the best snus out there

25 Starr Chewing Tobacco

My personal favorite

The exact same as landcaster.

26 Smokey Mountain
27 Tinsley

:My late husband, who died 3 days before his 80th birthday, quit cigarettes altogether & went with Tinsley Thick tobacco to chew. He had always used it at events where no smoking was allowed. He was very neat & discrete about his use, never spitting in a group, etc. He was very disciplined.


28 Rooster

Big tin and big savings. Con is the flavor didn't last long. After 15 min it felt and tasted like mud mush

29 Silver Creek Fine Cut Wintergreen

Tastes like dog balls. I bought a can a month ago. Took one dip out of it and the rest is still sittin in my truck.

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30 Bowie

Iv always liked it when I quite smoking I bought a box of bowie and chewed it from there on

31 Jake's
32 Decade

Oooh haha trick


33 Seneca

Most bang for yer buck

34 Naswar
35 Cowboy
36 Goteborgs Rape
37 Derringer

Strong, cheapest

38 Stokers Natural

I believe this was the flavor I was given in a free can and was told "It compares to Copenhagen". Like all others that claim that, it's a lie. People don't waste your money on Stokers. It's a horrible product and you will only end up wasting twice the money to drive back to the store and get a can of real snuff.

Great but not to great smells like perfume but great taste cheap 99c a can

39 Stokers Tennessee Chew

Not easily found but a great chew. Beats out Red Man, Beech Nut, and probably Taylor's Pride. It doesn't have that rich, almost natural taste of Levi Garret though.


Just good stuff. really good stuff.

40 Hooch

I think Hooch is the best dip. Ever since I was a young feller I've been dippin' this stuff. It provides the biggest pinches for the lowest prices. My paw gave me a can for my 9th birthday and I've been hooked ever since.

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