Best Soccer (Football) Players of All Time

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261 Fabrizio Ravenelli
262 José Nasazzi

The greatest Uruguayan Soccer Player ever and one of the main reasons they won 2 Olympic GOLD Medals in the 1920's as well as the 1930 inaugural World Cup. A 2-time MVP in the COPA AMERICA, a great Captain and leader. One of the TOP 11 *REAL* soccer players of all-time and a "must starter" on any realistic "all-time team".
Amongst Uruguayans, Andrade might have been as good or better defensively, Varela might be comparable as a leader but Nasazzi has BOTH qualities, and only Enzo Francescoli amongst Uruguayans has matched his 2 MVP's in the COPA America (also 12 years apart) but he didn't win a World Cup! - Relayer1971

263 Adolfo Pedernera

should be right next to DiStefano. Lists like this one leave a lot of great player out from the past because the masses who idolized them are already history and also Marketing, Advertising and Massive Media were so incipient at their time.

A highly under-rated "early day total-footballer" idolized by none other than Alfredo Di Stefano! COPA America MVP in 1947. - Relayer1971

264 Emilio Butragueño

The best fair player of the history.

265 Mikel Arteta

by far the best hes an evertonian wizard

266 David Edgar
267 Bill Dixie Dean

unbelievable player, 60 goals in a season and no-one has touched it ever, one of the best strikers this world will see

Dixie Dean was magic at a time when englsh people didn't glorify their sports idols like today! 60 goals come on that will never be broken! By the way It's sad to see NO mention of Duncan Ferguson at all on this list!

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268 Moisés Muñoz
269 Claude Makélélé

He is the best midfielder in the FA Cup this year

270 Monarcas Morelia
271 Takis Loukanidis

He was good on the field in the 1950's and never earned the recognition he deserved world wide. In Greece he is known as the all time greatest. He even dated Jane Mansfeild (what a guy)

272 Ramon Morales
273 Javier Mascherano

The little chief is the best defensiv midfielder in football today, and a very good central defender. He is one of few, that has a 2 gold medals from olympic games.

274 Kenny Miller
275 Laurent Pokou
276 Eduardo da Silva

He's the best, he scores from impossible situations, big shame for him with his leg but I'm shoure that he'll be soon the old eduardo that we're used to see on the field

277 Hector Chumpitaz

Hector chumpitaz is the 2nd best player for peru and is surely in the top 100.

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278 Antonis Nikopolidis
279 Joe Cole


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280 Billy Meredith

Played one hundred years ago but is recognized as the first soccer superstar. He was a legend for both Man City, Man United and Wales and became the first Manchester Captain to lift the FA Cup. Played in an FA Cup Semi-Final at the staggering age of 49.
Brilliant player who is still talked about one century later. - greencard571

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