Best Sonic Mania Songs

This list will bring up the top ten best songs from Sonic Mania. There are no rules in this list, but the only rule is that every song needs to be from Sonic Mania.

The Top Ten

1 Egg Reverie (True Final Boss)

My favorite genres are Rock & Roll and Electronic. Two of them together makes Industrial Rock, and I think this brings up pretty good Industrial Rock music. - TopTenX

Probably my 2nd favorite boss theme ever behind big arms from sonic 3. - Heatnix23

2 Metal Sonic

I really liked the Metal Sonic Boss theme even before it got into Sonic Mania. But the Sonic Mania Metal Sonic song sounds even better than the Sonic CD version. - TopTenX

3 Titanic Monarch Act 1

This music just sounds so futuristic. That is the reason why I made this number 3. - TopTenX

4 Press Garden Zone Act 1 & 2

So god

Both acts sound so amazing. They made the Press Garden music sound so modern. - TopTenX

5 Chemical Plant Zone Act 2

This is way better music than the music in Act 1. - TopTenX

6 Heavy Boss Battle

The Heavy boss battle sounds so funky that it should be here. - TopTenX

7 Lava Reef Zone Act 1

Loved the changes from the original and has quite the atmosphere. - Heatnix23

Much better than Acts 2. - TopTenX

8 Cutscenes

Same reason as Heavy Boss Battle. - TopTenX

9 Studiopolis Zone Act 1

This sounds very good. Don’t worry, Act 2 sounds good too. - TopTenX

10 Flying Battery Act 1 & 2

They both sounded so amazing. As I said, there are no rules. So I could add both acts at the same position. - TopTenX

The Contenders

11 Metallic Madness Acts 1 & 2
12 Stardust Speedway Act 1

Should get more attention than the act 2 version - SpectralOwl

13 Studiopolis Act 2
14 Boss Battle 1
15 Hard-Boiled Heavy Mischief

It is already mentioned here and is #8.

16 Hydrocity Zone Act 2
17 Super Sonic
18 Titanic Monarch Act 2

The reason why I prefer this over Act 1 is the simple fact that combined with the mosaic windows in the background I was reminded of a Cathedral.
And I love that.

19 Stardust Speedway Act 2

Remix of Stardust Speedway Past

20 Mirage Saloon Act 1 Knuckles/Wildstyle Pistolero
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