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1 Thuppakki

No film beat thuppakki

Mass Mass Mass Mass!

Biggest runs this film. Most grass all records. Most avort has been

super the

2 Naduvula Konjam Pakkatha Kaanom

This is the real movie

3 Gabbar Singh

Full energetic movie with energetic pavan kalyan

This film is full of energy and entertainment

What the hell only telugu movies are best never this thuppaki or anything else - harishgude

4 Bangarada Manushya
5 Kumki
6 Thoovanathumbikal

A must watch movie.

7 Naan Ee
8 Kireedam

The best movie of Malayalam mohanlal Best performance

9 Enthiran V 2 Comments
10 Aarambam

The Newcomers

? Bahubali: The Beginning
? Happy Days

The Contenders

11 Kaththi
12 Jogi
13 7g Brindavan Colony
14 Arya

This is the best romantic movie in India.

V 1 Comment
15 7th Sense
16 Thenali
17 Lucia V 1 Comment
18 Ulidavaru Kandante

Its all about percpectives. One story told in five angles. A must watch south India movie. Made in Kannada Language.

19 Rana Vikrama

Superb family entrainment movie in kannada

20 Drishyam

One of the best thriller movie in India

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1. Thuppakki
2. Naduvula Konjam Pakkatha Kaanom
3. Gabbar Singh



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