Top 10 SpongeBob Crossovers that Should Never Happen

I decided to create this list because many people believe that crossovers would ruin SpongeBob (especially if they cross over with non-Nickelodeon TV shows, games, websites, books, or other franchise). These are only about 10 of the very many crossovers SpongeBob should not have. Enjoy!

Before you call this a terrible list, just remember that the title is "SpongeBob crossovers that should NOT happen, NOT SpongeBob crossovers that SHOULD."

The Top Ten

1 Britgirl In Bikini Bottom
2 Family Guy in Bikini Bottom
3 The Simpsons Come to Town
4 Mario Pays a Visit
5 Regular Sponge
6 Tom & Jerry In Town
7 SpongeBob vs. WGBH Boston
8 SpongeBob Meets Spyro
9 SpongeBob Meets the Flintstones and the Jetsons
10 ZeldaBob LinkPants

The Contenders

11 SpongeBob/Sonic Weekend Marathon
12 SpongeBob and The Little Mermaid
13 SpongeBob’s Clues
14 Spongebob The Teenage Witch

You cannot ruin the nostalgia.

15 Spongebob Jawsome
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