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101 Squid Wood V 1 Comment
102 Slasher Mcgee

Yay. He was in my favorite Halloween episode!

V 1 Comment
103 Dale

For some reason he is cool. I like eating fish too.

104 Patrick's Pickle

He was in mermaid man and barnacle boy 3 or 4

105 Princess Mindy V 1 Comment
106 Bullfrog (Rodeo Daze)
107 Skeleton
108 Cave Monster
109 Aliens (Spongehenge)
110 Bubbles

Why is he not #1!? He's an Awesome Psychic Dolphin that's so funny! He helped SpongeBob and the gang! Also, The Button on his Cape Shows... A Triangle? Triangles have 3 Sides! There are 6 Characters in the 'Avengers Squad'. 6 Divided By SpongeBob and Plankton (Who Brought Bikini Bottom to it's Senses) Equals 3. Illuminati Confirmed.

111 Patar
112 What Zit Tooya

He's on here twice

113 Evelyn
114 Clamu

The giant clam who SpongeBob throws a peanut at.

V 1 Comment
115 Mr. Pirateson
116 Don the Whale
117 Triton

Actually, he's the son of king Neptune.

He's name is King Neptune

118 Tina Fran

Tina was kind of funny in the episode when Mrs. Puff didn't want SpongeBob to be hall monitor

119 Professor Marmalade V 1 Comment
120 Gene Scallop

I like this character along with Jim. Season 5 introduced us to some pretty nice characters with Gene and Jim and the Warden being the 3 best ( MOSTLY JIM ).

V 1 Comment
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