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101 Sam Star

She was in one episode she was mean and rude I dislike her

More dumber than Patrick, but not so funny

V 1 Comment
102 Dr. Actor

He is the actor in "All That Glitters".

103 Penny

He/she is in "I Had An Accident".

104 Chip

Chip show them the door Patrick " Thanks chip"

He/she is in "I Had An Accident".

105 Mr. What Zit Tooya

This is such a funny name. THANKS WRITERS!

Poor guy, what a funny name. - Catacorn

*laughs insanely*

106 Boaty

He/she is the antagonist of "Gone".

107 Sea Bear

I hated the sea bear he was horrid to poor old squidward in sea bear attack

I hate the Sea bear! He was so mean to poor squidward.

108 Sea Rhinoceros
109 Raarg V 1 Comment
110 Pete
111 Octavius Rex V 2 Comments
112 Frank Fishbowl

Even though all his appearances are cameos with the exception of mermaidman and Barnacleboy V he's pretty good for a background character

113 Shiny Bubble V 1 Comment
114 Le Schnook V 1 Comment
115 Squid Wood V 1 Comment
116 Slasher Mcgee

Yay. He was in my favorite Halloween episode!

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117 Dale

For some reason he is cool. I like eating fish too.

118 Patrick's Pickle

He was in mermaid man and barnacle boy 3 or 4

119 Princess Mindy V 1 Comment
120 Mr. Puff

What happened to him? - snailslug4

He only appeared in T.V. in like 2 seconds, how can you like him? - holyGuacamole

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