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181 The Ugly Barnacle

Patrick Wrote 30 different Silly Storys about the Ugly Barnacle and Publish it so they can be seen by everyone. And now everyone knows who is the Ugly Barnacle.
Title Card Music:Unknown
This is Created in November 12, 2005 - JandS3000

182 The Touch of Magic

Flora figures out that SpongeBob has Evil Cousins and they captured him up. It is Up to Her to Rescue him Out of the EVIL Cage With Her Magic. Will she succeed or Will she fail.
Title Card Music:Hawaiian Sting 1
This is Created in September 12, 2006 - JandS3000

183 Come On Krabs Rap!
184 Kings and Sponges

The sea trembles at the fate of five villainous kings. SpongeBob may be the only one who can restore the ocean to what it was. But how will he face an entire army by himself? Based off of the game Battle for Bikini Bottom, SpongeBob will venture out of sanctuary to try and save his world.
Title Card Music:Houses of Horror
This is Created in March 20, 2008 - JandS3000

185 Nice Looking Garden

Flora wants to create a Nice Looking garden, but she needs SpongeBob help. Well, With a Song SpongeBob and Flora sang During Planting (Sound a Bit Like the "Best Day Ever" at one Part and "The Campfire Song" at an another) they completed it in no time. But will that be all the nature a Girl could get?.
Title Card Music:Alekoki/This is Created in April 29, 2006 - JandS3000

186 Wonderful Nature Course

Flora goes on a Nature Course looking at Flowers, Butterflys, Cute Animals etc. She Loved It, So Much that The Very Next day she Came to the Krusty Krab and Showed Everyone Everything She saw on the Nature Course. Everyone Loved it and with Flora's Help Mr Krabs opened up an Nature Course and he is now making MORE Money than ever. Title Card Music:Hawaiian Sting 13/This is Created in September 28, 2006 - JandS3000

187 The Big Mistake

Flora does something that she will end up regretting the rest of her life. She could change back her life, but she is too scared that things will get out of hand again. Would her life be ruined forever. Hope Not.
Title Card Music:? :)
This is Created in October 23, 2006 - JandS3000

188 A Wonderful Song

After hearing a Wonderful song written just for her, Flora reaches into their heart to figure out how she truly feels for the person she most cares for
Title Card Music:Hawaiian Sting 11
This is Created in September 10, 2006 - JandS3000

189 Krabby Patties in the Chum Bucket

Normally, the Chum Bucket is unsuccessful. Plankton finally had a Krabby Patty for a birthday gift. The Krusty Krab and the Chum Bucket's customers are 50-50%.
Title Card Music:Tripping Upstairs/This is Created in February 8, 2006 - JandS3000

190 Flora's Amazing Adventure

Flora is going to The Ocean Got Talent to perform at a musical 'A Girl's Best Friend' which she was Practising for Weeks. Everyone is going Perfect Until Someone takes Her into a Wonderful Adventure and the adventure is the best Adventure EVER. But Who Took Her? Anyway after the Adventure she Played Her Amazing Song that the ocean Got Talent.
Title Card Music:Honolulu March (GDF)/This is Created in April 6, 2006 - JandS3000

191 Lollypop Interrogation

Just a one shot of how the accusation between Patrick's stolen lollipop would play out. SpongeBob, The Police and Patrick look for the lollipop only to relize that patrick ate it
Title Card Music:Slick in the City - JandS3000

192 Dirty Dan and Pinhead Larry Comes to Life

Dirty Dan and Pinhead Larry have come to life from Sandy Dream and they have a fight in the Wild West a couple day later! Patrick was Clever to notice how Pinhead Larry would look like. The two of them act like fools until they tick off Sheriff Sandy, who hunts them down.
Title Card Music:Hilo Rag/This is Created in September 17, 2006 - JandS3000

193 The Gorilla Returns

SpongeBob and Patrick could never forget the day they were attacked by a gorilla, and they hoped they would never be attacked again. But now, the same gorilla has come back for a second appearance and this time It's master is Plankton and He used it To Try and Get The Secret Formula. Would he Get the Formula?
Title Card Music:Cartoon Sting 18/This is Created in January 14, 2007 - JandS3000

194 The Unexpected World

The Flying Ducthmen takes SpongeBob to a world where SpongeBob never experience. How would he Return Back. Title Card Music Steel Link (a)/This is Created in September 4, 2006 - JandS3000

195 A Pet for Pat
196 The Aircraft Carrier

Plankton decided to build an all powerful nuclear aircraft carrier. Mr. Krabs somehows finds about the carrier and decides to build one of his own with the help of SpongeBob Patrick and others. But since he lacks pilots, he trains SpongeBob and Patrick, among others to become fighter pilots.
Title Card Music:Steel Links (a)/This is Created in November 18, 2006 - JandS3000

197 New Land Split

A strange being leaves behind an alternate universe by force and lands in Bikini Bottom. While getting himself exposed, and meeting up with SpongeBob and friends, two portals open up and split the dimensions between two collided worlds and Bikini Bottom, turning the universe into a new form of land, which would now be threatened to fall apart. Title Card Music:
Steel Sting (f)

198 Plankton's Experiment

Plankton has finally crafted a strange substance strong enough to take care of everyone in Bikini Bottom! Will he ultimately succeed? Based on his past experiments, very likely not. Title Card Music:Zelle 501/This is Created in December 28, 2005 - JandS3000

199 First Day of Spring

It The First day of Spring, and everywhere in Bikini Bottom looks Beautiful. everyone is nice to each other everywhere. it is the lovely, calm relaxing time of the year. Instead of Stealing the Secret Formula Violently, Plankton decided to do it in a calm Nice way and with That he finally got the formula and now Krabby Patty's are now sold in the Chum Bucket as well as the Krusty Krab and Mr Krabs was happy about That. Title Card Music:Hawaiian Sting 11/This is Created in March 30, 2006 - JandS3000

200 Psychic Sponge

SpongeBob Becomes Psychic and he can prodict the future for all of his friends and Everyone in Bikini Bottom. As SpongeBob is Psychic Mr Krabs started an Psychic Stand to earn more money. Title Card Music:Hawaiian Trax 7th Track/This is Created in January 12, 2007 - JandS3000

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