Top 10 SpongeBob SquarePants Questions

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1 Is Spongebob gay?

If Spongebob was gay I would hate him but he is not and you can tell that from my room and sense I have season 1,2,3, and 4 I love his and so does everybody else in my family. Speaking of it while I am typing I am watching Spongebob

SpongeBob is gay
Gay = Happy
SpongeBob is always happy - The_Living_Breathing_Idiot

The awnser is no

Well this is the most common one to me because everone wants to know. Well the answer is no NOW BEFORE YOU PUT NEGATIVE VOTES FOR ME LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING! Now just because spongebob has eyelashs, playing with patrick, and dress as a women DOES NOT MEAN he's GAY! I just don't ok? Its my opinoin. AND THOSE INTERNET PHOTOS ARE NOT REAL SO STOP IT GUYS!

2 How did Mr. Krabs give birth to Pearl?

I think she was adopted. - IcetailofWishClan

I was wondering the same thing

Oh boy this is a good one I guess pearl was abandon from her real parents and her real name was jenny until mr. Krabs came and called her pearl and take care fo her. Yes that's the therioe.

3 Why is Patrick dumber today?

Well I know that starfishs have brains but I think he drop out of school forever so that's it.

When Squidward ask Patrick, Patrick answers, "It varies" - daud

4 Will the second movie change everything?

Well the after the first change your life with spongebob but for the second I think so.

5 Are Gary and Patrick related?

Yes it's in the episode just look at the family tree

HECK NO! How is this possible? And don't judge me on the family of royalness on rule of dumb its not true.

6 What is the Krabby Patty Secret Formula?
7 Why did Squidward work at the Krusty Krab in the first place?

Well I guess he did not take collage so he got a job at the krusty krab.

He said that he is stuck in a dead-end job in one of the episodes. He probably didn'f finish college - The_Living_Breathing_Idiot

8 How did Spongebob become an idiot with Patrick?

I know he went to school but I guess patrick teach him how to be dumb and he became an idiot.

9 Why don't Spongebob and Patrick listen to Squidward?

There not being idiotic is that they DON'T HAVE EARS!

10 How is Spongebob still a bad driver?

All because of his stress.

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11 How can a sponge communicate with fish?

Since spongebob born in the sea he must knows sea language

12 How can they see plankton?

Sometimes they do sometimes they don't. Why do you always thinks he gets squished. Also when he tries to see the secret formula.

13 Does Patrick have mental issues?

Why does he act so dumb?

14 Who is Pearls mother?

I believe in the episode pull up a barrel Mr. Krabs used the characters from the show and into his story and the pirate Sandy is actually taking place whale pirate and Mr. Krabs did give a key to escape the brig and the she did call him handsome, so after they got back to shore they got married but the police caught up to her and she had to leave and she left Mr. Krabs with Pearl

The only people who know this is stephen hillinburg and paul tibbit they kept it a secret I heard

15 Are Spongebob and Sandy really in love with each other?

I think yes that is true. Some episodes say there in love with each other. Kinda weird like the whole how did mr. Pearl came out of mr krabs. So that's all I will do another list in the afternoon so bye.

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