Top Ten Spongebob Squarepants Season 1 Episodes

These are the ten greatest episodes from Spongebob's inaugural season.
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1 Pizza Delivery

This is the most epic SpongeBob episode to ever set foot on the planet. It probably has the most memorable moments out of any of the SpongeBob episodes. One of my favorite parts was when Squidward said he didn't care about the costumer and the hurricane stopped and SpongeBob was like "HUGGH SQUIDWARD" best line ever. And it had the Krusty Krab Pizza song, which will be a song that will live as a legend forever.

The Krusty Krab Pizza for you and... ME! That was the best part! I also loved the part when SpongeBob was trying to get Squidward to eat the coral instead of the pizza. :) It was also really sweet when you kinda got to see a different side of Squidward when defended/comforted SpongeBob after the angry customer hurt his feelings. Favorite episode!

This has got to be the best Spongebob episode from the first season. I have never met anyone who does not put this as there favorite episode from the first season. It sometimes ends up their favorite of all seasons. Every time I carry a pizza box I sing the krusty krab pizza song. Spongebob and squidward at their best describes this episode!

I love this episode. Especially the end when Squidward stands up for Spongebob, when the customer yells "Don't you ever once think of the customer" when he requested a drink. So Squidward smashes his face with the pizza box. Also I love the Pizza delivery song.

2 SB-129

I'm glad this episode is Number #2 . Although, I prefer Pizza Delivery, But this episode was just so creative. This episode, The writers took it up a level to make this masterpiece. This episode was genuinely funny. It had the most iconic moments in spongebob history. Like the scene where Squidward goes "Future" "Future". Squidward went time traveling and went to the pre-historic ages. It reminds me a lot of Spongebob B.C. (Before Comedy). It was kind of.. like a sequel to SB-129. Overall, This episode was fantastic. 10/10. We still knew up to this day that Squidward was the "one" who invented Jellyfishing(not the episode)

According to Laura and the rest of my family except for me, they think that this is a TERRIBLE episode. However, I LOVE this episode!

My favorite part is when Squidward reacts to the "FUTURE! FUTURE! " Everyone else in my family hates that part. The "Alone" quote makes Sean sad. I like that part, too.

3 Help Wanted

I can tell you that not only that this episode is the best in season 1, it is the best ever episode, although rarely seen, this epidoe consists of SpongeBob working at the krusty Krab his first time but Mr. Krabs and Squidward doubted the youngster, but he surprised them in the end when he fed those meeping fish superfast. The best part of the whole show is the music, you get to hear tiny tim, HOW COOL IS THAT

PLEASE have this one be at least number 2 because not only being a pilot episode but being the episode that started it all and it will be the second best season 1 episode, also all of the main characters appear (except for sandy). And let's not forget about tiny tims song livin in the sunlight, lovin in the moon light

The first of the best, and my most memorable episode out of the entire SpongeBob SquarePants series. It showed the start of SpongeBob's life as a fry cook, the beginning of Steven Hillenburgh's greatest creation, and the very first, greatest, most memorable line ever, "I'M READY! "
May this episode live on in our hearts till the end of time.

I love this one every Character shines in this one the newest episode that came out Cuddle E Hugs is so different then the first one all the Characters were better in this one then Cuddle E Hugs.

4 F.U.N.

Now, I'm a weaboo. All I do all day, everyday is watch anime, draw fan art or listen to Hatsune Miku. However, when I see anything about this episode, I get HOOKED with Spongebob (no pun intended). I'll leave it in my Blu-Ray player for months and watch it every night. I have up to Season 7 of SpongeBob on DVD, so I normally work my way through them all. You know what, I might put Spongebob in now!

Well duh it shows SpongeBob being sweet to villains and good guys and THE SONG ( F is for friends who do stuff together U is for U and me N is for nyewhere and nyetime at all down here in the deep blue sea) then plankton idea of fun cracks me up (f is for fire that burns down the whole town U is for uranium... Bombs n is for no survival WHEN YOU...) I just love it

F is for friends who do stuff together, you is for you and me, n Is for any where and anytime at all down here in the deep blue sea!

F is for fire that burns down the whole town U is for uranium bombs N is for no survivors down here in the deep blue sea

5 Hall Monitor

To later be ripped off by Patrick-Man. This episode is amazing. It might not be my favorite, but I chose this one so I could make the joke at the beginning of this comment. My favorite part was when Patrick accidentally dropped his ice cream cone and cried over it when Spongebob pointed it out. As somebody who's favorite thing is food, that is extremely relate-able, adding on to it already being funny.

This is an iconic episode it had me laughing throughout the entire episode

I'm glad finally figured out he was destroying the city

6 Rock Bottom

Its super funny because when SpongeBob and patrick were on the bus and they went down the 90 degree angle and they landed into the front of the bus and the balloon hit the bus driver.and also when SpongeBob tried to get the chocolate bar and the bus came and when he touched it the bus vroomed the bus engine and he ran for the bus and it left.and also the language rock bottom used

Along with a very original premise, this episode is SO entertaining and enjoyable. There is some nice slapstick and gags here, most noticeable the vending machine gag and the tounge gag. Pretty underrated

This is not just your everyday darkness, this is advanced darkness. One of the best Spongebob lines of all time. This episode should be #2, only below Pizza Delivery.

Most overrated spongebob episode considering I had a problem as a kid of getting lost and spongebob getting lost make me mad

7 Texas

Funniest episode ever. Spongebob and Patrick say bad things about Texas to get Sandy to follow them to her suprise party. Epic Episode!

This is #3 on my top five. Here it is right now and its best lines.
5. Jellyfishing- FIRMLY GRASP IT!
4. Help Wanted - Look at me, I'm NAKED!
3. Texas- Hey Patrick, your genius is showing. WHERE!?
2. Pizza Delivery- The song
1. SB-129- Everything's chrome in the future! And "WHAT ARE YOU SIMPLETONS DOING"

This should be higher. Very funny and very creative storyline. One of my favorites in season 1

It reminds me of the Upon a Burning Body song Texas Blood Money

8 Opposite Day

I Would go as far to say this is underrated. It is hilarious and entertaining, and is my second favorite season 1 episode, Rock Bottom in front.
"I'm squidward."

This episode should be a lot higher! It's a classic!

I'm Squidward I'm Squidward Squidward Squidward I'm Squidward I'm Squidward Squidward Squidward

I can't explain it its such a good episode and this should be replacing the help wanted episode.

9 Jellyfishing

I do not agree. Woodward's cruelty is taken too far. And is at times painful to watch. SpongeBob and Patrick were also retarded. Other than the bad ass jellyfishing song, the rest is good until Squidward got injured.

"Firmly grasp it in your hand. Firmly grasp it. FIRMLY GRASP IT! "
Best moment in this episode.

I love the beginning of this episode (When they are running) This episode is great.

hello I'm a Chinese in my opinion SpongBob is a great cartoon and congratulations for its twenty birthday

10 Suds

I had a terrible sneezing fit all day which made my face hurt and I felt terrible all day and night! I was planning on watching this episode so that I could share the same pain with SpongeBob, but I forgot. (6/4/2020)

In this episode, when SpongeBob says one of Patrick's treatments doesn't work, PATRICK TRIES SOMETHING ELSE. In The Splinter, he just gives SpongeBob attitude.

The part when SpongeBob suds gets worse by Patrick and Patrick gets his painful treatment in the end

This episode is bad? It’s almost as bad as stuck in the wringer and the splinter. Also, Patrick is worse in this episode than the Splinter and stuck in the wringer

The Contenders
11 Valentine's Day

A lot of memorable lines. My personal favorite line in this episode is "Heart on stick must die. "

My favourite lines are
I Defy you heart man! (Patrick)
Attention everyone! There is a chubby pink starfish on the loose! (Person)

This is probabaly one of the few episodes that shows that patrick is a jerk in the forst two seasons. Now it seems that he is a jerk every episode.

Towards the end, this episode scared me but I got use to it

12 Ripped Pants

Best season 1 episode it teaches kids that a joke can only be fun so many times and its song is so catchy and also teaches us that jokes can only be funny so many times like Sandy says Spongebob's song is true

Whoever said that this episode sucks and that to love a patty, one coarse meal and a pal for gary rules needs to get flushed down the toilet.

I think this should be #1 by far this may be an oldy but it's still an unbelievable song
Make this #1 I need all your support please help me get this song #1!

Most people like this one. To be honest, I don't. It's boring. It's unfunny. And it does the same thing over and over again!

13 Arrgh!

This is a really memorable episode and really funny. This episode should be number 2.

Possibly the most underrated episode in the season! This is top 15 material

This episode is very funny, should be in top ten

The whole ship is underwater, sir

14 Bubblestand

How come it isn't in the top 10? It's a classic, and it introduces SpongeBob's and Patrick's love of bubble-blowing, which will become a big part of many later episodes. Plus I love the episode, the concept and the 'bring it around town' part.

Nick is not helping the people see the greatness in this episode, the last airing was over a year ago!

Time to bring it around town, bring it around town.

I really love this one, sad that no one talks about it

Funniest episode in nickelodeon

15 Karate Choppers

This is episode is really funny and it makes into my top 3 favourite SpongeBob episodes.

Worst SpongeBob squarepants episode ever!


What should be number at least number 10!

16 Culture Shock

Completely underrated from season 1. Gary's poetry, Plankton's magic, the infamous dance scene. Great stuff. My favorite from season 1

Why is this not higher up! The end scene was hilarious!

Second best from season one

Number 1 culture shock

17 Pickles

Of all the Season 1 episodes, this is by far the most epic. It tells a great story about SpongeBob losing his confidence after forgetting one small aspect of the Krabby Patty, and the jokes they make with SpongeBob's confidence loss are hilarious. But it doesn't just stop there �" they make Mr. Krabs extremely likable and caring in this episode. And the climax is suspenseful and leaves you on the edge of your seat, especially with the episode's choice of music. A must watch for every SpongeBob fan!

In my opinion this episode should be tied with the worst in the season along with "I Was A Teenage Gary". Everything was dull, and I was surprised that they failed at a simple plot in pre-season. Of course this is just my opinion

"He's been hiding the pickles under his tongue this whole time! "
"There's the pickles from last time too! "
That line never fails to make me laugh.

They were under his tongue the whole time.

18 The Paper

The part where SpongeBob plays the paper like a clarinet is my favorite part! I play the clarinet and got criticized for it by my peers. They would often say "You sound like Squidward! " or "Why would you pick such a horrible instrument? " Honestly, this episode showed me that it's not a terrible instrument, it only sucks when Squidward plays it! Thanks SpongeBob and Mr. Paper!

On my top 10 most underrated spongebob episodes, THIS IS NUMBER 1! This also one of my favorite episodes but is only shown once being the most every single year!

This is my all-time favorite episode. It is hilarious what SpongeBob can do compared to what Squidward can do. Squidward has no imagination!

Its too bad that the only reason this is only shown once a year is because its sister episode is Valentine's Day.

19 Sleepy Time

This one isn't Talked About All That much, But it's still pretty good

I like this one. It's an underrated episode.

So Funny! Especially Pearl's dream

By far my favorite from season 1

20 Plankton!

Great episode, plus first appearance of Plankton. One of my favourites and favourite from season 1!

I'll settle for some fries!

Why is this one so low?

I went to collage!

21 Jellyfish Jam

My favorite part was when they broke Squidward's clarinet and burned it on fire third dancing around it that cracked me up so much I almost died

This episode wasnt that good in my opinion but I did like the song at the end and the moral of wild animals throw very wild parties

My favorite part of that whole episode was that entire SCENE! Season 1 is awesome!

22 Naughty Nautical Neighbors

Best episode of season one. Hugely underrated. We get the most focused exploration of the Spongebob-Squidward-Patrick dynamic of the entire series, Squidward fully deserves everything that happens to him (for once), and most importantly its hilarious all the way through

This episode is funny, especially when SpongeBob and Patrick were getting verbal jabs at each other, thinking that they are doing this to each other.

Hey patrick, I heard there was a job opening at the pet shop, as some NEWSPAPER!

My favorite part is when SpongeBob and Patrick kept saying more soda.

23 Walking Small

Funny, should be higher

24 Tea at the Treedome

It was my favourite of the season until I started liking Hall Monitor more

Stop the creepy pictures... I mean it...

WATER! Pinky up, no pinky down!

I NEED IT! Lol best line ever!

25 Reef Blower

Although not the best, it does stand out to be the first and only SpongeBob episode to be so old that there is only background music and when one of the characters do talk, it appears as words on the screen and not words on the audio.

In fact, 'Reef Blowers' may be the first episode created, but 'Help Wanted' was the first in airing order.

Side note: Reef Blowers appear in the episode 'Squidville', a great episode if I do say so myself.

This episode might be short, might not have dialogue but the animation can sure tell a story.
SpongeBob trying to get the shell off, Squidward tossed the shell, the story can be easily told by animation.
But it still would be better with dialogue.

Things are always better without dialogue. It just makes it funnier. Plus the giant YOU that appears on screen. Dying it was going to have dialogue but they had an audio problem.

Honestly I didn't really think this episode was that good

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