Best SpongeBob SquarePants Season 8 Episodes

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1 Hello Bikini Bottom!

I Think This Is One Of The More Emotional Episodes of Spongebob Pertinacity For The Song It's Easily The Best Part Of The Episode It Has Lovely Instrumentals Nice And Deep Lyrics And May Just Be My Favourite Post Movie Song. Season 8 Was A Really Mediocre Season But Idolised This Episode Made The Season Not That Bad

The song is awesome and the episode proves how Seasons 8, 9.1, and 9.2 improved SpongeBob

The title is spelled wrong, but I will "Never give up" that it will be corrected.

Very emotional song and the greatest episode by for of the two-thousand tens and maybe of all time.

2 Glove World R.I.P.

How is this not number 1? It is way better than Hello Bikini Bottom!

Plus Tumbleweeds laugh out loud

How is this below Hello Bikini Bottom? - ModernSpongeBobSucks

This is way better than Hello Bikini Bottom!

3 It's a SpongeBob Christmas!

This episode is absolutely amazing. The story is sweet and well-executed, the songs are absolutely "fantastic-er", yes, this episode is so good, I had to invent a new word to describe one of it's elements, and the stop-motion is BEAUTIFUL! How is this only number #3?! This is one of my favorites ever, and I just explained why. Time for a song to end off this review. "I love this episode, I think it's swell! The songs are so amazing, and the story is so well-executed, I think my mind is off dazing like! Just like it was when I thought License to Milkshake would be a good epiSODE! This ends off our time together. Remember to vote this episode on this poll, there ain't better! So goodbye for now! Don't be a jerk, love this epiSOOODE!

Bring Joy To The World It's The Thing To Do But The World Does Not Revolve Around You Don't Be A Jerk It's Christmas Oh Why Isn't This Episode Number, Especially When Glove World Forever Got A Higher Spot This Episode Is Beautiful Nomater What Time, The Animation Is Beautifully Crafted And The Stories Pretty Sweet, It Has Fantastic Songs And A John Goodmen Cameo But The Christmas Time Is The Best Time To View It's My Favourite Episode Of Season 8, Of Season 8 It's Awesome And One Of My Favourite Post Movie Episodes.

I liked this episode. Oh, by the way, it's stop-motion animation, not CGI. It's supposed to look like and old Christmas special.

My brother loves this episode. The robot SpongeBob with the fire shooting from his nose was awesome!

4 Planet of the Jellyfish

This Is Only Good Episode In This Season. - Ardan

Love this episode, one of the best of all time!

It is a unique and quite entertaining episode. Should be number 1.

Ardan there's also hello bikini bottom it's a spongebob Christmas glove world rip and other episodes in the top ten. There aren't too many bad episodes this season. The first bad one that comes in mind is are you happy now.

5 Frozen Face Off

This episode should be on #1. Also, I find Drive Thru really underrated, so I'll talk about it a little bit. It's funny when Spongebob buys real stuff for the drive thru, and Krabs puts on his awful stuff, saying it's better because it's free. When Larry smashes the can with his boat, Krabs decides to make him pay although he has a lot more cans. And it's funny when after Squidward gives Krabs a bill for the ear surgery, he tells Krabs to replace the cans with real stuff. However, Krabs yells at him that the real stuff cost so much money, although Spongebob already bought it. An unique episode, but Frozen Face off is better, I just talked about Drive Thru because it's underrated.

Why isn't this episode #1? It's very funny and very enjoyable. This episode is very overhated, and it's only hated for one reason - Gary pushed the sled. Although that is the only problem of the episode, Spongebob realises his mistake and apologizes to Gary at the end, and if the episode is funny and enjoyable, it isn't bad for only one problem that isn't that big. Gary is alive and well at the end like everyone else, and Spongebob realises his mistake and apologizes to him. I don't understand why people hate this episode for only one problem that isn't that big. This episode should be #1.

Listen up safe! I will steal your content even if I have to tear you apart! Bit by bit! Molecule by molecule! Atom by atom!

This is the best episode of the season. Hello Bikini Bottom is great, but it shouldn't be on #1. Glove World RIP is good, but overrated. It's a Spongebob Christmas is also great, but this one is better. Mermaid Man Begins is good but this one is better, and Planet of the Jellyfish and Mooncation are also good but overrated.

6 Mermaid Man Begins

For Here Or To Go is my favorite season 8 episode, however, it's ranked pretty low on this list and it will be hard to vote it this high. So, I'll try to do it with this episode. This episode is really funny and should be above Glove World RIP, even though that's a great episode. However, the problem is I don't find this episode better than Frozen Face - Off, which is below Glove World RIP. Anyway, this episode should be higher. Drive Thru, The Hot Shot, Chum Fricassee, Treats, the above mentioned For Here Or To Go, Oral Report, InSPONGEiac, Mooncation, The Way of the Sponge, The Krabby Patty That Ate Bikini Bottom, Karen 2.0 and The Good Krabby Name are the most underrated episodes of this season.

Yet another episode that explores the back-story of characters.
The best part was the slightly overcooked popcorn... How does that even work..? That is the same question that many episodes from seasons 1 and 2 will have you asking, and that is how you know it is a good episode.

My favorite SpongeBob season 8 episode. I love the part when get struck by a neon plaid lighting and go back to movie night. - spongebobgymnast

Best of an overall horrendous bunch. This honour is about as prestigious as being the world's tallest midget.

7 Mooncation

This episode actually reminded me of old SpongeBob.

Copy of Sandy's Rocket but hey its good

This is one is boring in my opinion, I never understand why people love it so much - NostalgiaMonkey

Amazing Visuals!

8 Chum Fricassee

To be honest, I have nothing wrong with this episode. It just kinda bothered me when Squidward's grandma smASHED SQUIDWARD'S FOOT WITH HER WALKER AND THEN TELLS THE CUSTOMERS TO GO ALL AGAINST HIM.
Other than that, this episode was fine in my opinion.

To be honest,this episode was good. Squidward was a jerk to everyone(even Plankton) so I found the ending justified. - Hellohi

Top Five Worst Moments in SpongeBob Episodes:

1.Squidward's grandma SMASHING SQUIDWARD'S FOOT (Chum Fricasee)

2.Patrick knocking over Squidward's tiki land (Enchanted Tiki Dreams)

3."After doing some calculations, I figured out that I'll save a whole nickel if I cut your salary."-Mr. Krabs (SpongeBob, You're Fired)

4."Gary! You put Puffy Fluffy down right this instant! "-SpongeBob (A Pal For Gary)

5.Squidward turning into a baby (Squid Baby)

This is one of my favorite episodes! - PatrickStar

9 The Good Krabby Name

Really love this one, but it is just too repetitive, the officer finally realizing what SpongeBob and patrick did and saying.. "AHH! Vandalism! " made me laugh for no reason at all.

Overall best season 8 episode, It was so funny, especially the part where Patrick turned into a traffic cone and caused a truck to do a front flip and crash, and it was all because they used it to write eat at the Krusty Kraab on it. I love this episode

10 A Friendly Game

A lot like an older episode to me. Patrick wasn't overly stupid, nor was SpongeBob. Unpredictable plot, good, original and funny ending which most new (er) episodes lack horribly. I love this episode. Funny and original, pretty rare for new (er) episodes!

The only good episode from season 8 in my opinion, accidents will happen had a good plot but this is still better - islandersfan91

This is one of the few season 8 episodes I can stand seeing, and this one is actually one that sticks out in an AWFUL season!

I like this one but its sister episode is horrible

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11 Squiditis

Guys I think I just came down with itchy eyes and scratchy throat. I think I have the disease.

This basically a rip off of funny pants and the splinter. Squidward tells sponge bob something will happen because of something else (excessive laughing, a splinter, a sickness) so SpongeBob believes it and tries to hide it. I don't like this episode at all. The romance comedies were a little funny, but that's about it for me. But opinions are opinions.

I actually like it a lot. Second best of Season 8. - Goatworlds

Well I voted for this episode because it really insipers me to follow my dream. It's also funny, crazy, and slap-happy. I was also impressed with graphics that impecable with T.V. flavour. - Krikey

12 The Hot Shot

This is my 4th favorite of season 8 after It's A SpongeBob Christmas Planet of the Jellyfish and Hello Bikini Bottom!

I know it's already on here but seriously spell it right!


13 Sweet and Sour Squid

This is very low the only part I hate is the ending can at least 1 of squidward and plankton have a happy ending NOPE squidwards clarinet gets destroyed and plankton gets arrested even thou it was squidward like what good episode but 1 of the worst endings

Does this actually exist? - Goatworlds

The song is a parody of pinball wizard

He sure plays a mean Clarinet...Music Playing

27, really only and 27! - Alien51

14 Smoothe Jazz at Bikini Bottom

Hate it! It's my least favorite episode of season 8!

Remove it! It's terrible!

The only part that I actually liked was when Patrick went on the stage. That's it. - IcetailofWishClan

It is bad for one reason! Patrick is a JERK!

15 Drive Thru

Very Underrated. Unoriginal but overall very funny

Mr. Krabs got what he deserved in the end of this episode!

Really funny and good one of my most recommended episodes of season 8


Best lines ever. Best Season 8 episode ever.

16 Karen 2.0

Why is this not number one it is really funny and good

I hate Karen 2.0 so much. Karen is better than her.

This Was Actually a Meaningfull Episode, I Kinda Liked It - ChiefMudkip

This and Drive Thru are the best of S8 in my opinion. I can't believe SJABB AND AYHN are higher. If you don't know what those abbreviations mean, remember the worst episodes.

17 Move It or Lose It

No one talks about this one, but its really good!

I like three headed Jake.

How is this good?

Really good

18 Treats!

What? This episode was good.

This episode is awesome

Gary meowing consistently is annoying, and the ending just seemed wrong. He wanted it so much for what, the past week and meowed all the time, and he is just ok with it?

Nope, I Hate The Constant Meowing - ChiefMudkip

19 Patrick's Staycation

Why is this here? Patrick was a jerk. - Puga

I thought this episode was good. It's a good way to show how interesting Patrick and SpongeBob could possibly be.

20 Accidents Will Happen

I always confuse this one with I Had an Accident (season 3)

I personally find this episode underrated. The jokes were funny, and Squidward's hilariously dumb lie took the cake.

This episode is very underrated. - KalloFox34

21 Are You Happy Now?

It's not that bad. Spongebob is likable in this episode, and it portrays depression very well. I didn't like the suicide jokes though. They were not good. Overall, I think it was decent.

I am the person that took suicide jokes for what they were: a couple of small jokes that played on viewer's expectations, instead of making a fuss about them "laughing at such serious topic as suicide" (this is called "overreacting", people). Yes, I do exist.

I totally love this episode so much it's like my second favorite episode of all time next to Valentines day.

I think this episode is the first part of a creepypasta episode red mist since squidward commited suicide.

22 The Krabby Patty That Ate Bikini Bottom

Can someone explain how Pet Sitter Pat is above this. - DrayTopTens

Love this episode

23 Plankton's Good Eye

Plankton becomes nice

This one is Very Underrated, It's pretty Decent - ChiefMudkip

Third best of the season. - Goatworlds

I love this episode

24 InSPONGEiac

OH...MY...GOSH! The Face Spongebob Makes Gave me Nightmares! This Episode Is Horrible - ChiefMudkip

Probably in my top 30 favourite episodes.

I hate this episode. - KalloFox34

Get up be active

25 For Here or to Go?

This episode is very underrated and should be higher. It is funny and has great pacing. The best jokes are: the play, Spongebob playing the instrument, annoying Mr. Krabs who puts him in it, Krabs pushing the buns down the toilet while the guy in the other toilet looking at him strangely while he's making noises, the customer who says Plankton's patty tastes like aspirin and carrots, the guesses people make (3, 42, Mermaid Man, billions). It's a GREAT EPISODE, SHOULD BE WAY HIGHER!

I thought this episode was pretty funny and well written.

I agree with the other guy.

I love the part where krabs pushes the buns down the toilet. - Account

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