Worst SpongeBob SquarePants Season 7 Episodes

Season 7 is my least favourite season of Spongebob.
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1 One Coarse Meal

I never want to watch this episode again. It makes Pearl seem evil. And it make plankton seem like a sad, poor and frightened guy. PLANKTON TRIES TO COMMIT SUICIDE. Why must this happen? At the end he lays down in the middle of the road and waits for a car to come a CRUSH him. Pearl is the other bad thing about this episode. In season 2, 3, 5 and 6 she seemed fine with plankton. But in this episode she just wants to kill him and not do anything else. She even tries to get a plan to kill plankton. Plankton is so scared he has a nightmare about pearl chasing him and trying to kill him. So when he wakes up, he can't take it and he tries to commit suicide. WORST EPISODE OF SPONGEBOB EVER. POSSIBLY EVEN WORST EPISODE OF ANY CARTOON EVER.

I could rip into almost every episode on this list, but this is hands down the worst of them all. The plot is mean-spirited. Basically, Krabs drives Plankton to suicide. Because when you think of a kids show, you think of this, right? On top of that, Krabs gets almost no comeuppance for his actions, and Plankton is framed as a villain. SpongeBob helps Krabs in his plot to kill off Plankton. Krabs also knows that Plankton is so depressed he is committing suicide, and he laughs about it. This episode makes Friend Or Foe hard to watch. This episode basically implies that it's Ok to make someone suicidal if you dislike them.


2 A Pal for Gary

This is my least favorite S7 episode and one of my least favorite SB episodes of all time (nothing can beat Nature Pants however). This episode is split in two parts. The first part of the episode is Spongebob being worried and sad because Gary is alone at home all the time he is at work, and that part is kinda boring. However, it's nowhere near as bad as the second part. In the second part, Spongebob STEALS a new PAL FOR GARY so Gary doesn't have to be alone at home when Spongebob is at work. But the worst part is, when Spongebob gets to the store, the salesman warns him that the pet he bought is nice only when it isn't around other animals, and when it's around other animals, it tries to kill them. However, Spongebob doesn't listen, and STEALS the pet. That's right, he doesn't pay, he STEALS the pet. The very moment Spongebob comes home with the pet he names Puffy Fluffy, that monster attacks Gary, and Spongebob constantly blames Gary for everything Puffy Fluffy done. And when Gary tries to tell Spongebob Puffy Fluffy is dangerous, Spongebob says it isn't. The very moment Spongebob goes to sleep, Puffy Fluffy wakes up, starts attacking Gary and destroys Spongebob's house in the process. When Spongebob wakes up, he sees his house is destroyed. First he thought it was an earthquake, but then he blames Gary. He tells Gary he is in big trouble and tells him to open the door. Gary doesn't open the door, because Puffy Fluffy is just about to EAT HIM ALIVE. Spongebob then destroys the door and SEES WITH HIS EYES THAT PUFFY FLUFFY IS ABOUT TO EAT GARY ALIVE! HOWEVER, HE STILL BLAMES GARY AND TELLS HIM TO PUT PUFFY FLUFFY DOWN! WHY? After that horrible moment that is probably the worst Spongebob moment of all time, Puffy Fluffy puts down Gary and then grabs Spongebob, wanting to eat HIM first. However, Gary saves his life and scares Puffy Fluffy away. But, guess what, Spongebob STILL blames Gary. At the end of the episode, Spongebob brings Gary to work with him so he... more

3 Stuck in the Wringer

Oh dear...where do I begin. It was absolutely horrible to watch a bright, cheerful optimistic character like spongebob spiral into depression, it just felt so wrong! This episode is a classic example of the change in tone the show has undergone. Spongebob used to make me laugh and feel happy but newer episodes like this just depress me! This episode is just so mean spirited, what the hell is wrong with those townspeople! Spongebob was finally calling Patrick out on his idiotic behaviour and they turn him into the bad guy! It's a close call between this one, a pal for Gary and one coarse meal but this one narrowly wins for this season because it combines so many things I hate about new episodes, excessive torture of a character, Patrick's UTTER stupidity, the town fish being JERKS for no reason and absolutely no funny jokes whatsoever and that ending... I have no words. "I guess crying does solve your problems"... Ugh! Rant over!

4 Yours, Mine and Mine

I can't watch this episode without clenching my teeth at the way Patrick treats SpongeBob. I had to turn it off because it was so utterly annoying. Why are the plots of SpongeBob going down? I know that SpongeBob and Patrick are childish but they never got to the point of not being able to share!

I will never know why the writers thought it was a good idea to show patrick being greedy and selfish. How in any way is this funny charming or clever or anything but cruel, stupid and disgusting?

I may not like Patrick, but that doesn’t mean I want a Patrick torture porn. It’s almost as if the writers expected an immediate backlash towards him and tried to have the very next episode pander to those that will no doubt hate him. A big reason he goes through this is because of SpongeBob’s flanderized selfishness. The subplot with Mr. Krabs ends on a stupid note. Also, the idiotic stereotypes make me feel very uncomfortable.

5 Someone's in the Kitchen with Sandy

Everyone deserves to die in this episode except sandy. SpongeBob because he acts so obnoxiously stupid.
Mr krabs: because he is a complete idiot
Plankton I'm so sorry but that is one of your worst plans yet
Cops: because they ddn't see anything that happened and showed up to ruin the episode
And most of all the townspeople for being coldhearted jerks to sandy
I really despise everyone in this eisode except for the torture porn character sandy

Sandy's fur gets stolen by Plankton.
All the citizens treat her like some freak.
Plankton doesn't get arrested but Sandy does.
So identity theft is somewhat okay. I really cannot with these seasons.

In my opinion,Tentacle Vision isn't too bad. It did have some good jokes like "This is Disgusting".
I have a question:How is ruining a T.V. show WORSE than an episode about arresting someone for something they didn't even do? This is worse than Rodeo Daze and should be in Top 5.

6 Rodeo Daze

Sandy wasn't even in trouble. SpongeBob is the problem. He only got scared just because of rodeo clowns. He even kidnapped the whole town just because of his stupidity.

Finally someone agrees with me about this crappy crappy episode!

Why is it number six? It's bad, but it's not awful. Just forgettable.

7 A Day Without Tears

Squid torture at the end see for yourself squidward is literally crying and Spongebob is just being a dumb jerk

This is Caillou's favorite episode.

SpongeBob cries too much now

8 Tentacle-Vision

When I watch this episode it makes me feel to try to massacre everyone in this episode cruely except squidward which I most pity him on this one. I hate SpongeBob patrick plankton mr krabs pearl larry zeus the bikini bottom public acsess and all of the other characters that appeared in the episode I want all of them except poor squidward to be arrested litterally! If the writers are reading this, please take a hint on characters being misgudged battered or any thing that's too cruel annoying or too bad for viewers to see and please take a hint on squidward and mrs puff being tortured for good SAKE!

This was SOOO funny the first time I watched it. But then, I hated it. Hearing Fab N' Fancy has been cancelled because a teenager's mom gave him a T.V. Show for his birthday.

Out of the twelve season premiers from SpongeBob, this along with Whirly Brains are the worst season premiers.

9 Big Sister Sam

In my opinion.. This is the only bad episode exsept for the fact that spongebob and squidward sorta work together a bit.

Sam destroys everyone's house, even SpongeBob's who didn't do anything that is the plot. Hm

10 Greasy Buffoons

Continuity error:Spongebob is seen DRIVING in this episode.Its like the new writers forgot that Spongebob doesn't even know the first thing about a boat.

This episode is just gross

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11 Trench Billies

It's higher on the worst episodes EVER than on this, which is overly strange!

It's bad, but there are worse episodes out there.

Its not a bad episode.

12 The Cent of Money

This actually has to be above That Sinking Feeling and Perfect Chemistry.
I wish Krabs' money gets all burnt up and he goes insane and ends in a mental hospital

The only redeeming factor of this episode is that Mr. Krabs at least got punished at the end.

13 Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful

Why this isn't in the Top 10 List? Poor Squidward, the police gave tickets non stop even though it's ridiculous but in a hostile way, I think Battlefield Earth was funnier than this episode, please, stop torturing Squidward

This is one of my top 5 worst of this season as it is 5 or 4 on this season and the worst part is that this is paired with my most hated episode of all time (a pal for gary)

I just want to walk up to that officer and beat him with an extension cord for giving Squidward all of those tickets.

14 Summer Job

Boating Buddies, but torturing Ms. Puff instead of Squidward. nothing else notable;it's just a ripoff of Boating Buddies.

Better ones, I like It! Sorry to all offended.

Puff torture. POOR miss puff.

15 You Don't Know Sponge

Should be higher in 7th place

16 Karate Star

Why is this episode here? ,it is funny

17 Perfect Chemistry

This best of Season 7, Why is it actually voted for?

I am the only who find this Episode awesome?

Best of season 7

18 That Sinking Feeling

The reason why this needs to be much higher on the list is because from start to finish, I was annoyed. SpongeBob and Patrick are nothing more than giggling break-dead annoyances. I'm not talking about how they treat Squidward. I'm talking about how they treat me, "the audience member." There is so much of that mindless giggling that it drives me up a tree! There is not an ounce of charm in SpongeBob and Patrick's childish actions! They are idiots, who don't even think to go around Squidward's border in the back! SpongeBob's voice has that obnoxious tone to it that he sometimes gets, "when acting really stupid! " Every single scene and joke goes on for way longer than it needs to, like Patrick figuring out which yard to go to, the extending digging sequences, and Squidward looking for SpongeBob and Patrick when we know they're underground! Even the background music annoys me with how frequent it is in this episode, and on top of all of that, the episode has no identity of its own. "Back to the Past" actually tried something different. I will give it credit for that much. But THIS. This episode is so creatively dead! We've seen SpongeBob and Patrick run around and annoy Squidward a lot. And the only gimmick to it is the underground, like, as I've already said, we had in Chum Caverns! And there is no interesting twist to it beyond the fact that they are digging. Some might argue with how forgettable it is would make it better than other episodes on the list, but that's the thing. Even though I forget what happens in the episode because of how slow it all is, the irritation sticks with me. I can't give it an ounce of credit for originality or effort. The story is slow and there is nothing remotely new, and the gags get drowned out in the giggling and obnoxiousness. I hate this episode a lot, and I actually feel like Squidward when watching this, and that is not a good thing. That's why it needs to be higher.

19 Gramma's Secret Recipe
20 The Bad Guy Club for Villains

I like this one. It's different.

This episode was pointless

Who put this here?

21 The Main Drain

The Worst Legends of Bikini Bottom

Cause This is Filler! Filler Night!

This episode is a huge nonsense

22 The Great Patty Caper

This one is good Thumbs Up

23 Squidward In Clarinetland

This is the creepiest episode involving SpongeBob alone.
It starts off Squidward wanting his clarinet in a safe place, so Mr. Krabs gets a worn-out safe for Squidward's clarinet and SpongeBob's dirty toothbrush. Then SpongeBob spends more time decorating the safe pretty pink (I thought he would spend more time cooking patties), THEN he magically expands the small pink safe into a library full of safes, then when Squidward went to get his clarinet, SpongeBob gives him the locker number, to go find it, BUT he tells him he moved it in the locker, THEN it happens again, THEN it goes from under the sea, to ALICE IN WONDERLAND, grom SpongeBob Arcade to Clarinentland.

They just stole this idea from Alice In Wonderland.

I don't understand why people don't like this episode. The idea is a nightmarish world based around Squidward, and it's handled creatively here. The only problem I had is that we don't spend much time in Clarinetland. Other than that, this might be one of my favorites on Season 7! It's creative and pretty funny.

24 The Play's The Thing

Crazy concept of Squidward retelling his life by a play at the Krusty Krab but please do it in a less boring way.

This One Is a Rip-Off of Culture Shock

25 Model Sponge

This episode is so boring

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