Top 10 Worst Holidays

The traditions, the time with family or friends, the celebrations… well, most of the time. You know there are at least a few calendar events that make you roll your eyes. Maybe it's those overly commercialized celebrations that leave you feeling broke. Or the ones steeped in outdated traditions. Maybe it's even a supposed day of merriment that leaves you feeling overwhelmed or lonely.

Whether it's a classic that's gotten out of hand or a bizarre observance nobody asked for, we're uncovering the "holidays" that deserve a lump of coal.
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1 Valentine's Day

This day is just a way for people to make sales. Money, money, money! This can literally be any day of the year. Why does it have to be on a specific day? You can buy your partner a gift and go out with them any day of the year.

I have mixed feelings about Valentine's Day. Even though I am single, I don't hate it. I only like the sweets, teddy bears, and that's it. One thing I don't like about it is that I feel a little left out.

Same to me, I actually enjoy Valentine's Day, just to relax. It was on the weekend. But during the weekend, when I was relaxing, my mother said that my uncle's wedding was happening on Valentine's Day. So, we went on a long drive to Vermont to go to an old barn where the wedding was happening.

Soon enough, my uncle unfortunately chose me to be the wedding singer, and the song he picked was "Making Love Out of Nothing at All" since he was a huge fan of Air Supply. So when the song played during the reception, I sang it in front of everyone, and my voice cracked during the bridge, and everyone laughed at me. As if Valentine's Day wasn't stupid enough for me, I had to actually go to a wedding to experience it, and it was not fun.

2 Black Friday

Bloody Friday is what it should be called instead. Instead of hanging out with your family for Thanksgiving, you have to camp outside of a GameStop or Target to go absolute ape the next day over discounts! Seriously, I would picture Black Friday customers as screeching chimpanzees.

One crisp autumn day in 2008, I saw a discount for a Nintendo Wii. I didn't have one yet. On the day before Thanksgiving, I camped outside of the store, in the middle of the woods, in the freezing cold. The only interesting things I saw were wild deer and turkeys. The next day, I went to the store, and I was pushed back by the mob. I should have saved up for a Wii...

3 April Fools' Day

This isn't a holiday either, and in my opinion, it could be a really fun day. However, a lot of people like to ruin it by taking their pranks too far, so I'm always dreading this day.

I hate it. People take it too far, even on TV, like in SpongeBob where Squidward pulled that cruel prank on SpongeBob. Or in The Loud House where Luan takes it way too far. Or in Teen Titans Go where they pull pranks similar to Luan's. Everyone acts inappropriately on this day.

All my friends ditched me and spread rumors about me. Those rumors got me suspended. When I came back, they were saying it was a joke. I no longer talk to them.

4 Columbus Day

Even in my town, they renamed Columbus Day to "Native American Appreciation Day" and they had a statue of Christopher Columbus (Cristoforo Colombo) removed, due to the holiday's dark past. It's about some guy who was born to a family of weavers (or was he?) during the late Middle Ages/early Renaissance who didn't even discover the Americas in the first place. Leif Erikson and the Vikings were the first Europeans to set foot on the New World.

And he basically acted like a genocidal maniac when he ordered his men to enslave and kill the native population that lived on the islands. Whether his origin story was made up or not, it's not surprising that Columbus was an absolute madman who didn't really discover the Americas in the first place.

5 Boxing Day

This is honestly the most forgettable holiday on this list. It doesn't even deserve to be a holiday due to how boring and bland it is.

Why does this holiday even exist? It basically serves as a sad reminder that Christmas is over for everyone, even for people who don't celebrate Christmas (I have some friends that celebrate Hanukkah). It also serves as a massive sales day for stores, and that's about it. Boxing Day really makes you think the next year will suck, or that it'll be a good one.

This is a boring holiday. It makes me wonder... Why is there Boxing Day, but no NASCAR day, baseball day, football day, heck, even rugby day, Looney Tunes Day, Mickey Mouse day, and even Jimmy Neutron Day would work better than Boxing Day.

6 Lent

Weird name, painful traditions.

I feel sorry for anyone that's forced to celebrate this.

Lent. Seems more like Lint to start a fire.

7 Republic Day

As a longtime Star Wars fan, I think I like Life Day better than whatever this is supposed to be.

What does Hanukkah have to do with Republic Day?

8 Wiggle Your Toes Day

Wiggle Your Toes Day? Who thought of this idea? You can wiggle your toes any day. Ugh, it's so irritating. Also, what if someone doesn't have toes? They would feel left out.

Yes, it's a holiday. This is by far the most pointless holiday ever. I mean, seriously, Wiggle Your Toe Day? Who thought this would actually be cool?

Should be higher on the list. What is the point of this? You can wiggle your toes every day, so why a holiday? This is just lame and not cool.

9 Halloween

Don't get me wrong, I like Halloween. I just like the atmosphere of it, with streets aglow with Halloween decorations at night. It's quite beautiful, as you can see. But, when you're too old to go trick-or-treating, you just have to keep yourself entertained by doing something Halloween-related, like how I watched Shaun of the Dead on the night of Halloween.

And once those trick-or-treaters are gone, you can just have the candy for yourself. Make sure you don't get sick, or as I like to call it, the "November 1st Hangover." It's a good holiday, but it's kind of lonely when you are alone in your house, watching horror movies by yourself.

10 St. Patrick's Day

You have to wear green, even Shrek has to wear green, which is stupid. It would also be considered inappropriate for babies who are more sensitive and can be done even when they are taking a bath. The traditional Irish version I can understand, but bringing it to America is just dumb.

The number of times I've been pinched for not wearing green is too high. I also don't get why people who have no Irish background whatsoever celebrate this holiday.

St. Patrick's Day isn't just about wearing green and the Irish. It's about celebrating the feast day of a special saint who brought Christianity to Europe.

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11 Flag Day

Why do we need to have a holiday dedicated to a piece of cloth? I mean, seriously, even as a Six Flags fan, I don't celebrate "Happy Kingda Ka Crest Day."

Fellow Americans, why? This holiday is just us worshipping a symbol. Do Broncos players worship horses? No.

Why do Americans have this undying love and sense of duty to a piece of cloth?

12 Hanukkah

Even though I live in Israel, I still don't celebrate it because it's lame.

This holiday was created because they were jealous of Christmas.

They copy everything from Christmas.

13 Kwanzaa

This man-made December holiday isn't even about religion!

It is a bit mean. Although I'm Roman Catholic, I mean it is a bit bad.

14 Easter

When I was little, it was more enjoyable. It was like Christmas 2.0. I'd get a lot of candy, and something that couldn't be consumed in 5 minutes, like a movie. Between the lack of that, the unhealthiness of it, my allergies flaring up, and my dad explaining the pagan origins of Easter, it became more of a burden.

What you do on Easter:

1. Do some Easter egg hunt, but ONLY if you're a little kid or you have a young sibling playing an Easter egg hunt.

Well, let's see, I'm an only child, so no.

1. Go to church for 5 hours.

Yeah, no.

This holiday is garbage.

15 Thanksgiving

I have a headache. Most of the day is gone, and I enjoyed none of it. Wish this could just be a 4-day weekend, but in practice, it's a 3-day weekend thanks to this. Never going to celebrate this unless I'm forced to.

I hate Thanksgiving. All it is is a bunch of weird people you hardly know coming to your house and then having to eat terrible food.

Ehhh, it's overrated. I don't MIND Thanksgiving, but I don't think it should be a holiday. To me, it's basically just another Sunday dinner, but you get a five-day weekend, which is really nice, and it's on Thursday. Plus, the food isn't even that good if we're honest. Stuffing is kinda nasty, turkey basically tastes like every school lunch ever, and mashed potatoes just aren't my favorite.

16 Confederate Memorial Day

Yes, all Confederate memorials should be demolished and replaced with giant Madagascar penguin statues.

Fun fact: The Penguins of Madagascar cartoon lasted longer than the Confederacy.

17 Heterosexual Pride Day

Why is there a day celebrating people who haven't faced adversity for their sexuality?

Instead of Heterosexual Pride Day, there should be a Gingersexual Pride Day put in its place on the calendar.

It's like they're asking us to invent something like "White History Month."

18 Ramadan

Let's celebrate by not eating! Sign me up. Woo.

This isn't that bad. The bad thing is that my friends don't even know if they're hungry.

19 Groundhog Day

This holiday always makes me so angry whenever it doesn't go my way.

The groundhog is barely even right most of the time. This holiday is just stupid.

20 International Talk Like a Pirate Day

Yar, this here holiday needs to walk the plank!

This exists too? What? What day is it?

21 International Men's Day

Why would men be better than women?

22 Christmas

Christmas itself is alright. I'm sure pre-1500s it was bog standard. Probably the same way under socialist countries (e.g., Cuba).

But my God, under capitalism, it is AWFUL.

The insistent "Buy our stuff" is incredibly annoying, the instant and systematic switch to Christmas theming in late October/early November, insistent adverts, etc. It's all optimized for profits.

Oh, and you have those god-awful Hallmark movies that many (mostly middle-aged white women from what I've seen) love watching for some reason. They're chemically pure, concentrated capitalist Christmas, and I can't help but get incredibly angry anytime I hear or look at them. Ruined by capitalism. Just like pretty much everything, to be honest.

23 World Password Day

Sounds like a holiday that only Chris Chan would be gullible enough to celebrate.

24 Mardi Gras

Stupid holiday that ruined the reputation of putting the colors yellow, green, and purple together. Alcohol, flashing your body for necklaces, and of course, jesters who look like they came straight from a time machine.

25 Veteran's Day

Before attacking me, think about it. US veterans have done many unforgivable things to civilians. What do they get for that? A day dedicated to them.

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