Top 10 Steps on How to Be a Good Fan of Something

Do you want to become a fan of a certain movie, musician, video game, book, etc. but don't want to be completely cringey and obsessive? Try these ten steps to help you out.

This list could also apply to fans of non-art forms such as sports, science, etc.

The Top Ten

1 Respect everyone's opinions

Not everyone is gonna have the same opinion as yours because from DNA level, we're all different. Also do understand that there is people who will fight back and probably win if you don't respect their opinions. Trust me. I've had this certain experience before.

2 Understand that all art is subjective

All art (whether it'd be movies, games, T.V. shows, books, albums, etc.) is subjective. There's no such thing as real art so try to understand that what you consider to be art may not be art to others.

Yes. And far too much is objectively crappy. There are parameters. There are absolutes. Relativism is not just a feel-good cop-out. It's a most insidious form of herd mentality. Extended to all aspects and mores of a civilization, it's suicidal.

3 Be open-minded to all forms of art

You can dislike a certain art form all you want but at least be open-minded to it. Being close-minded will only make you look like a bigot and will probably give you a bad reputation for not opening your mind to new ideas and thoughts.

4 Focus on things that are actually important. Not on different forms of entertainment

Things like movies, music, video games, and other stuff aren't important. Food, water, air, and shelter are important. There's also more important things like the brave people who are dying everyday in Afghanistan (way more important than a certain new album coming out this year).

5 Like more than one type of art

If you say you're an art fan, but you only like movies, video games, music or whatever. You're not an art fan. You're only a fan of a specific art form.

6 Understand that your favorite celebrities don't owe you anything

No they don't, you're quite right; but an acknowledgment of some kind would be nice. After all, where would singers; actors; writers; sports folk etc be without the continued support of their fans? When I read a book, one of the first things I do is read their acknowledgments and thanks; it truly makes me smile if I read: "And last but not least, thank you to all the readers for your encouragement, tweets, blogs. Keep them coming; I love to hear from you! " It's nice to know that the reader is appreciated. - Britgirl

Your favorite actor, singer, artist, etc. doesn't owe you anything at all. Why? Because you don't even you know them in real life unless you've actually met them or are friends with them in real life. No one is coming to save you. This life of yours is 100% your responsibility so always be aware of that.

7 Don't try to defend your favorite pieces of entertainment

What do I mean by this? I mean that you shouldn't defend your favorite movie, game, song, etc. I most certainly wouldn't because why the heck do I care? I didn't make it, I'm not friends with the person who made it, and he/she has never done anything for me. I'd just simply be like "Well that's a shame. I thought it was really good." But that still doesn't excuse another person to just bully you for liking a different thing. Just tell them that they need to respect different opinions so that they don't look like an immature bigot.

8 Understand that obsession is unhealthy

I should know this. I used to be really obsessed with certain bands and artists until I realized that they didn't really save me and that I don't know them in real life. Being obsessed with something is not good for your health and it only makes you look like a creepy weirdo who has nothing better to do with his/her life.

9 Don't be an elitist

Like I said before. There's no such thing as real art so just try to accept that.

10 Don't be a huge fanboy

The Contenders

11 If you enjoy a certain art form, then do. If not, then just ignore it

Isn't that the whole point of art? To give our views and opinions on a certain art form? If you really enjoy a movie or game or whatever it is that you enjoy, then do. You have a right to enjoy whatever art form you want and don't let anyone take it away from you. If you don't enjoy it, then simply stay away from it. But make sure to respect the opinions of those who like it.

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