Top 10 Stick Figure Animators on YouTube

The Top Ten Stick Figure Animators on YouTube

1 Alan Becker

Animator V Anamation REPRESENT

2 Hyun's Dojo
3 Xiaoxiao3
4 Terkoiz
5 GildedGuy
6 Jzboy Animations
7 Flashdeckanimations
8 MondoMedia
9 Kabloosh

Kabloosh has hilarious skits in his videos, indeed not a time to waste

10 Fabiano Cruz

The Contenders

11 Oversimplified
12 Cv Anims
13 Oxob3000
14 Rayure Le Pas Velu

He’s getting a starting point, he’s short but sweet.

15 ItsMeOneTwoNine

He is an incredibly recent fellow, already making his first video yesterday. He is great.

16 Tabbes

Very funny

17 Sam O'Nella

Makes great history videos with great dry humor. - PhoenixAura81

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