Stuff to Get You Into Trouble at School

The Top Ten

1 Throwing eggs at your teacher

Well duh!

2 Hacking teacher's computer and putting porn on it

If anyone at boarding school did that...

What a legendary way to get in trouble though. It would be hilarious - kempokid

3 Putting condoms on teacher's desk

We did this to our crappy English teacher (although they were tiny willy condoms) and to be honest he didn't seem to care that much.

4 Prank calling your teachers
5 Stealing a phone from your teacher
6 Taking a picture secretly with two teachers together and PhotoShopping it

This is awesome

7 Fighting with the teacher
8 Cussing out a teacher
9 Spreading teacher rumours
10 Putting stink bombs on the teacher's chair

I tried this once its awesome I love to hear everyone in the class saying EWW I'm just laughing but I don't ever get in trouble

The Contenders

11 Telling the teacher to get a real job
12 Having Drugs
13 Creating fake Facebook accounts of teachers
14 Say a your momma joke to your teacher
15 Draw all over the whiteboard

There is a class in my high school called graderoom and you were allowed to do this in that class.

16 Edit your grades
17 Edit worksheets and lesson plans
18 Get teacher fired
19 Tp the classroom
20 Play pranks on your teachers
21 Scare the teachers
22 Roasting the teachers
23 Put laxatives in your teachers' food
24 Put drugs in your teacher's food
25 Eat the teacher's dog
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