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1 Shabootiquiqui

Sorry fort hat name that is really a stupid name

Like really? Who even does that? Unless you hate your kid you'd do that! How do you think your child will be treated later on? Unless you really don't care

A guaranteed Future Stripper with no need of a stage name!

This name is great and I chose it for my portuguese name becausye asdiuds fusguzdfnLKSBHuih uiertm shabootiquiqui

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2 North West

North by itself is a cute name for a girl or a boy. But NOT when your dad is KANYE WEST!

North west is on a compass, not a name! It is very stupid having the name North west. I feel sorry for the people called north west.

I don't know what Kanye was thinking, this was not one of his better decisions

Brandon' is the best name

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3 Gaylord

Who would EVER name their kid GAYLORD?

Poor kid! Nobody would ever take the kid or parents seriously! Having this name could literally ruin your life!

I don't think your child would like to be called like that seriously Gaylord that makes us think of him as gay...

Back then gay meant happy. Gaylord=happylord. To bad there is men who really like anal

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4 Ra'aashalm

This is my name I get bullied a hole lot about this name I had to come up with a nick name

What kinda name is this

I want that name...

I feel so bad

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5 La-quisha

No racism intended but usually black people have this name I think

This person needs to be a like girl rapper or something

Good name for a rapper

Pepe the frog

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6 Kyle

Whoever put this has a first name of eric, and a last name of cartman

As a Kyle, I must say you all really don't know what this site Top Tens is for. It is not for someone you know whom you don't like, or that Kyle is a "gay, cursed" name, because it's not! Even then, who cares if you are gay? Oh, right, all of you guys have a problem with gay people. I don't care if a Kyle you know is a jerk, this is about the name itself! The name is of Gaelic origin for handsome if you did not know already, and does not have to do with gay or cursed in any way. If a Kyle ends up gay, he ends up gay. The name is not cursed. The name rolls off the tounge. Unlikes names with La in the beginning or a ' in the middle, Kyle is simple, and that's the name is.

The name Kyle is a name that encourages awesomeness and the most triumphant of human beings to prosper. From days of your when the name Kyle meant "King of Excellence and all things sexual" to today where its meaning has not changed. The name is synonymous with the wisest of men and the most sexually dominant of the male species.

i agree

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7 BoomQuisha

I'm not even going to comment in that is so stupid

I can't say that name without laughing. - Drewman1211

My god you drunk or something?

I love this! - Iamdaschel

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8 Rashondaluh

I'm gonna name a planet this

I can't even say that

Is this barf!

Is a reason

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9 Weedledee

Making a weedle have sex with a waddle dee gives this

This is just pathetic why would you hate your child so much that you didn't even try

Why would you name someone Weedledee?!

This is the funniest thing ever - Iamdaschel

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10 Dick

Who would want their kid to experience the horrors of 8th grade with an utterly stupid name like this? I've read Famous Five, which had a character named Dick, but that was a time when people in England probably didn't know that this was a cuss word. If they did, well, it's very stupid.

Once again, this site proves you guys know nothing about names. Dick is an old English name, before the damn penis was called a dick. The only people who called it dick back then were... well, nobody! It's a fairly common name that's not meaning dick like the body part, but dick like the name. I just want to say, you guys really should look your stuff up before you make a post!

I remember there was a kid I'm my old school who's last name was head... no kidding... the parents gave him the name Dick Cohen, but they divorced and his father's name was Jacob Heads, so you get the story form there... he probably changed his name already...


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? Beter
? Anayanisha

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11 Shaniqua

I love it. Definitely ginna name my New Sim baby this

12 Toprameneesha

How could you do this to a poor kid

This just sounds like one of those ingredients on food packets! Like what!

Did someone choose random letters out of a hat to get this!

I am better at pvp in minecraft than the other kid and I am a god get double shrekt

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13 Oink

Stupid stupid stupid. Unless your child is a pig.

Might as well call your other children Moo, Baa and Cluck.

That basically says that if you name your child oink you think your child is a pig, and pigs are fat, rude parents!

Spoink pokemon that's wot it reminds me of haha...

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14 Zezozose Zadfrack Glutz

This is the best name ever I will probably rename myself this

Is that like German or something

I have an English assignment and I am naming my character this


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15 Abcde

I mean seriously how stupid would you need to be to name your child this

That is pure torture to your child I don't understand why parents hate their children

Are you kidding me? Was this person so lazy to name their kid?

I would love to name my kid that my first kid and then my second a and third b and so on - Iamdaschel

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16 Lesquisha

It's a cool name! My name is Lina

Ghetto French people name.

I feel sorry for anyone called Lesquisha it reminds me of quiche


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17 Lartweefa

Is that even a name? It sounds like fart

That's my name ): I feel utterly defeated

Lol I feel bad for dude

Queen Lartweefa.

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18 Enoc

It should be considered abuse to name your child this, you might as well just call then fugly - Celestius

It is a name I have never heard before and it sounds lame. Really lame.

in what country do people even have the name enoc? sookie should be right up here with enoc, though

What's wrong with this name I don't get it - Iamdaschel

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19 Igor

I live in croatia and this is an everyday name.-.

This is a common name in many parts of the world and it is not hard to pronounce so it shouldn't be on this list.

That's actually a common European name

I live in Serbia,in Slavic countries this name is common,what is it here,it's not stupid at all...

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20 Bronx Mowgli Wentz

Is this even a NAME? I can't even PRONOUNCE it!

I think that's someone vomiting while talking!

Is this even a name?


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