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1 Gaylord

What if this kid is straight

Yes indeed


Gumball is amazing.

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2 Shabootiquiqui

What the hec bro?

If my parents named me this, I would sue them. It should be illegal for parents to give their children names like this.


This name is goals, my friend renamed his name this. Lol
Why would someone ruin their child's life like this?

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3 North West

I would name my kid north. but north west oh hell no my kid would get bullied

North by itself is a cute name for a girl or a boy. But NOT when your dad is KANYE WEST!

That’s a direction

Stupidest name of all time. Kim Kardashian's lame. - PokemonYesTeletubbiesNo

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4 Dick

It's actually a nickname for the name Richard. - PhoenixAura81

Suck it kid!

Best name for your kids to get bullied


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5 Kyle

Whoever put this has a first name of eric, and a last name of cartman

How is this a bad name

This name has the big gay

Imao I have a tegu named Kyle

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6 La-quisha

Its laquishin bad

I'm screaming

This person needs to be a like girl rapper or something

Good name for a rapper

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7 Ra'aashalm

Just imagine if someone asked what your name was and you had to tell them that it's ra'aashalm. That would be so terrible!


Reshiram?! Why is there a Pokémon here?

I love it it is fun to say

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8 Bieber

This name is the most gay name in the world

Bieber is a last name not a first name. - Ihateschool

The name is just so good muah!
GAY gae


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9 BoomQuisha

It sounds like in a comic when someone falls


I like it

This is the most batty-fall name ever

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10 Porky

I like bacon but no, just no.

Porky means fat, like the inventor of this website

Porky the pork

Is he fat

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11 Rashondaluh

I'm gonna name a planet this

I can't even say that

Uh what the heck

Is this barf!

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12 Weedledee

That should be a name of a Pokemon

Making a weedle have sex with a waddle dee gives this

This is just pathetic why would you hate your child so much that you didn't even try

Why would you name someone Weedledee?!

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13 Rockman

He rocks the night away

Rocky for short?

14 Shaniqua

That's the name of a cartoon character from the backyardagains

My nickname. Rip my nonexistent reputation - Copenhagen

It's a chode guy name

I know somebody who is called this.

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15 Toprameneesha


Double shrek minecraft

This just sounds like one of those ingredients on food packets! Like what!

I named my company after this name. Great ideas on this site man, great ideas!

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16 Zezozose Zadfrack Glutz

Is this a name or is this Gibberish?

When your name is a full sentence

Greatest name of all time

This name is very stupid, but the name "Mikhail" is much stupider.

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17 Abcde

That's my name

Pronounced ab-city

Lmao they forgot the fghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz

I mean seriously how stupid would you need to be to name your child this

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18 Oink

Might as well call your other children Moo, Baa and Cluck.

Stupid stupid stupid. Unless your child is a pig.

That basically says that if you name your child oink you think your child is a pig, and pigs are fat, rude parents!

Stupid stupid stupid name. Unless your child is a pig. Oink what a stupid name/

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19 Gaye

I am changing my name to this

Greatest name


It's a good name

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20 Wang

This is an Asian surname...

I'm half Vietnamese and nobody calls me this. what

In China it's a real name.

Only Asians have this name!

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21 Lesquisha

Ghetto French people name.

It's a cool name! My name is Lina

I feel sorry for anyone called Lesquisha it reminds me of quiche

Haha it's like late-sha

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22 Lartweefa

Awesome name


Yaaa I love this name I'm crying

Is that even a name? It sounds like fart

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23 Ball

Either there parents are mean or they are just plain stupid.

Sorry, butt WHY?!?!


Great name

24 Enoc

It's Cone backwards. Who wouldn't want to be named Cone? - Copenhagen

It should be considered abuse to name your child this, you might as well just call then fugly - Celestius

It is a name I have never heard before and it sounds lame. Really lame.

in what country do people even have the name enoc? sookie should be right up here with enoc, though

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25 Igor


A name for a world-famous ballet composer is stupid? The composer in question is Igor Stravinsky. Also, it's popular in Russia. - PhoenixAura81

I live in croatia and this is an everyday name.-.


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26 Bronx Mowgli Wentz

I think that's someone vomiting while talking!

Is this even a NAME? I can't even PRONOUNCE it!

Is this even a name?

No shade on pete wentz

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27 Fazbear

It's from Five Nights At Freddy's. It is a creepy video game where you survive and run from man-sized, creepy, living, old soft toys that are called animatronics. Freddy Fazbear is the main antagonist. He is a man-eating teddy bear.

Who hates their kid this much? - Snackfan2BecauseIForgotMyPword

You named him after a game?

28 Dora

When cooking dora turns to pandora

Dora the explorer


Is this a real name? I thought it was just a nickname. Besides, who would want to name their kids after the monstrosity known as "Dora the Explorer."
Maybe Tonks didn't like her name because it had Dora in it, but I don't know. I feel sorry for her - her nickname is Dora.

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29 Darrell

The Outsiders was a good book shut up

I think that’s a pretty name

I have a friend name Darrel and I don't think the name is stupid

Shut up it's a great name

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30 Pandora

Pandora was a Greek mythological figure before the app and Jewelry. All of these comments about those, in my opinion, are quite stupid. There is basic research to be done. The Greek Pandora was created by the gods to take revenge on Prometheus for stealing their fire. However, Zeus gave her many gifts, including the gift of curiosity. One day, Zeus gave her a box that she was never to open. Finally, her curiosity got the best of her and she opened the box, thus letting out all of the bad in the world, and when all was emptied, one thing remained--hope.
In short, Pandora is a very pretty name, unless the name is clouded with popular culture, but the myth isn't very good either. If I was promised no one would think about the app or Jewelry, I would name my daughter Pandora. Thank you for reading. I hope you take this comment to heart. Have a nice day.

Somebody walks up to you and says "i'm Pandora and you go, Ooh I have that app too". Then the person says "i'm Pandora". Then you start rolling on the floor laughing and the person throws an iPhone at you, and it has a Pandora app on it.

Pandora sounds like more of a name for animals. My friend/neighbor had a goat named Pandora, but she couldn't keep her because Pandora would be stubborn when we tried to milk her. So we sold her and her babies. It's a nice name for animals I guess.


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31 Pimplypoop

Brilliant. Naming my llama on minecraft this.

Naming my son this

Why thou I feel so sorry for this person I just need to ask why Pimplypoop wow just wow

The parents must be signing a deal for their son to be bullied.

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32 Calliou

Who names their kid this

I love this name and I think it is cool

Worlds best t.v. show EVER


33 Martin

Martin, in Nordic lore, was the Alchemist and Weapon Maker who used his bare hands, teeth, knees, feet etc in combat. He had mystical abilities in forging weapons for others that were unequaled in strength and held their sharpness perpetually, but his abilities remained only on the condition that he never wield any weapon himself. Also referred to as Martyn Halfhand due to the loss of two fingers of his left hand taken by captors for refusing to reveal his alchemy. It is said to have taken eight men to hold him down as four others laboured for a full day to remove the digits which dulled many blades and tools during the process. Martin, Martyn, Maertin, Maertyn, is found to have appeared in many other civilisations historical tales, lore, and documented records. Strangely his description is consistently similar and his 'unique abilities' always come with a caveat, but most intriguing is the absence of two fingers of the left hand.

I would name my child that, it's not stupid it is the the name of M.L.K

The name Martin is a name that encourages awesomeness and the most triumphant of human beings to prosper. From days of yore when the name Martin meant "King of Excellence and all things sexual" to today where its meaning has not changed. The name is synonymous with the wisest of men and the most sexually dominant of the male species.

I don't like the sound of it...wouldn't name a child that. - RedTheGremlin

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34 Lynn

I like that name. It's cool. - PhoenixAura81

That is my mommy name she would be pissed

Lynn is an amazing name and should not be on this list.

Lynn's my sister's middle name; it's awesome!

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35 Thomas

Why such hate

This is a nice name... - RedTheGremlin

Hey! My name is Thomas :( why is this a stupid name?

Don't worry, it's not. The person who added this was just being a moron. - RedTheGremlin

This is actually a nice name. Considering there's 5 whole Thomas's in my High-School.

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36 Airwrecka

Sounds like a crashed plane.

Were people too stupid and misspelled Erica or what?

I KNEW this would be on here

That is weird spelling

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37 Stupid

I love this name

Best name ever

This is just STUPID lol

Its stupidly stupid
Okay guys
Take this to the worst name ever
Okay guys
Its (stop the f-bomb) en stupid

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38 Talula Does the Hula From Hawaii

When your parents can't think of a decent name

Why just why

My name is Thanos who does the Snappos in order to killos

This name is almost as bad as
naming someone "furry the introverted pedophile"

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39 Laqueefa

Laqueefa is god's real name

This is the best name ever whatchu mean


40 Pikachu Pikachu

This is the dumbs name on the planet and the worst Pokemon of time

Best name in the whole wide world I am going to change my name to this

"Hi I'm Pikachu! I have 717 siblings, such as Squirtle, Mew and Mewtwo, Charmander (the favourite) and Skitty!

If you don't know what this is, (which I'm sure everybody's heard by now) it's the name of an animal from the franchise Pokemon.

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41 Jack

My step brother's name. I hate him!

This is my name

I like the name Jack, actually. - RedTheGremlin

I love this name, I would name my kids that

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42 Cumquott


To cool for this world

That is not qualified to be a name

Is this a star wars character?

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43 Tracy

I depends if this is for a girl or a guy

Hey, this is my mom's name! At least it's not super high!

Sound stupid

Please don't say that it was my teachers name tracy or I think it's traci but her last name is robinson so we called her ms robinson she was my favorite teacher and she was second grade

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44 Jeff

Maybe because every one would tell them Wake Up Jeff! if they fall asleep. - Ihateschool

Hi my name is jeff!

Only because of that stupid Vine.

Jeff is not weird

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45 Poo-Bum

This is a rip off

Are you serious poo bum you know what poo comes out of right

What's next? Pee-Peee, pee-dick, pee-wee? Piwi?!?!

What?! It's just Poo-Bum! Poo comes out of your bum?! If you're not on drugs and you named your kid this, that's concerning.

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46 Beter

Is it pronounced 'beater'?

Hey beter

This is the worst name ever. Hey 🅱️eter

47 TaNiyah

What kind stupid name is this It should be in the top ten at least. Who ever made this name up is a complete moron

Sounds a bit ghetto to me. I wouldn't name my baby this.

I could barely read it

This name is a stupid play on thename Tanya, which is a name you would have heard. It is also a common name in India.

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48 La-a

Ladasha? Can I just say how ridiculous it sounds

What kind of name is La-a? Unless a oversizd goat is screaming I don't wanna hear it! Lolz

You pronounce the dash

La-a unless someone is saying la-a? who the heck would name their kids this.

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49 Sean

Lol I have a friend named Sean. Everyone always annoyed him by actually calling him Sean until he started calling himself Sean on purpose.
I personally like the name Sean even though it sounds different than what it is spelled like

Who names your kid "Sean" when that sounds like "Sean" rather than "Shawn." this is just stupid.

My classmates friend is this name, lol

That's Jacksepticeyes name!

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50 Ronaldo Ronaldo


I hate the Steven Universe character a lot. - Ihateschool

Very true

He's a good player

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