Top Ten Stupidest Things Parents Let Their Kids Do at the Age of 10


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41 Let them have a TheTopTens account

I can see why you wouldn't want them watching Happy tree friends, (the only good episode was the copyright one) but TheTopTens is completely innocent!

I just got this account last week, so... - kaitlynrad11

I had this account since I WAS 9 - JaysTop10List

I'm going to be ten this year. And also in third grade. Whoopsie I'm a baby

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42 Let them watch YouTube Poop videos

I watched YouTube poop videos a lot when I was 10, but that was before I knew their were bad words in them. Now I only watch the ones without swearing (although it's nearly impossible to find a YouTube poop without any swearing). - Imreallyboredrightnow

I watched YouTube Poop when I was 10. I liked them but why all the swearing? WHY? - RiverClanRocks

I watched them when I was ten. Don't like them now but I remember watching them.

YouTube poop is really funny and random - WhatAreWeHaving4Lulz

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43 Let them wear makeup

The only way to look like a hooker who ran through a whole episode of My Little Pony and Care Bears while being smashed by a truck made of pastel and colored clay.

They only do it to look like an adult.

I'm 13, I think its stupid for teenagers to wear make-up because you get pimples and it just makes them worse.

This should be in the top 10! It makes girls look like an adult and it looks horrible on a 10 year old girl. - ethanwakeman

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44 Let them not clean their room

TRU that! Mine turns into a stay every five minutes

45 Let them watch NC-17 films

Do these things even exist anymore? - WonkeyDude98

These don't exist anymore, unless they are just banned in theaters. - Skullkid755

I do know this one kid in my grade who bragged because he watched an NC-17 movie 3 weeks ago (I'm in 7th grade).
I would like to have a word with that kid's parents. - Catacorn

My friends little bro (8yrs old) went to a theatre with his momto go see planet of the apes which was INCORECCTY rated as G. Wow - slytherinforever

46 Let them punish and make fun of animals

) There was this large group of kids runnign around ABUSEING the poor animals at the petting pool! And everywhere else! This one idiot actually squeezed a cucumber! I was ready to punch the kid! I was about ready to (the mom was there, TRYING to control her monsters she calls humans)! UGH, I'm 10 and I can't stand cruelty to animals! And what those idiots displayed was one of the most horrible displays I've even seen a human do!

My little brother was throwing a tantrum and hit my cat's head - mayamanga

Chasing the squirrels, scaring birds at recess, and scaring cats. Unacceptable.

STOP THEM NOW! I MEAN NOW! - Spottedtail

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47 Let them watch 9/11 videos

Was this posted today? Oh that's why we never even heard of 9/11 my mom told me about it when I was like 8 or 9

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48 Let them play Grand Theft Auto

There Is A Message That Comes Up Though That said Do You Want Your CHILD To See Blood Swearing And Gore - RockStarr

No it's okay but it turned me from very smart and somewhat weird to still very smart but very weird and somewhat psychotic, actually I like that change... Definitely worth that $40

It has sex in the game - ikerevievs

I played Grand Theft Auto SA in 6 yrs.

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49 Let them listen to satanic black metal

At least it isn't rap or pop.

Are you serious!? I'd LOVE IT if my two nieces someday within the next 5 years listened to any type of metal and not that pop and rap crap!

I don't like black metal.

I love heavy metal! - LetsGoSwagger

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50 Let them read inappropriate magazines

Like we don't know about whats in them

Playboy, anyone?

51 Let them get on YouTube

Should be more specific, because there are some helpful and true G-rated entertaining videos. Should be "Let them go onto the weird part of youtube" - MChkflaguard_Yt

What what age IN YOUR OPINION YOU SHOULD BE TO GET ON YOUTUBE THEN like I0m 13 and what I've been using it since I was 5 years old - WhatAreWeHaving4Lulz

You prick.

That's where I got all the practice for guitar and piano and drums.

And that's where I found out about Big Hero 6.

Heck, I even watch NatGeo, so suck it up, and get out.

52 Let them watch Happy Tree Friends

Happy Tree friends is a really, really messed up show - Imreallyboredrightnow

I watched this when I was 10 and got in trouble for it - mayamanga

I watched it when I was 5...I got scarred for life. - Epicsauce45

*vacantly looks up and shudders* - slytherinforever

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53 Let them smell bad

Really? What if they are poor and cannot afford the luxury of everyday showers?

54 Let Them Masturbate

It's kinda sad cause some kids are too curious and start masturbating at a young age... They want to learn about stuff, and their privates are something they want to learn about, so some can start as early as 6 or 7 years of age

Um... Okay what parent would let their kids to that? - KingFab

Okay, this list is officially starting to get disgusting and unrealistic. -Anonymousxcxc.

Gross...never mind...(throws up)

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55 Put their toddler siblings in the washing machine

That only happened once or twice. Most parents do not allow that - themets05

Who the hell even thinks about that? That's so unmodern and unrealistic


56 Let Them Watch Family Guy

Kids should not watch family guy until they can act mature - Unknownguy

Good Show But Not For Anyone Under 14

This show kills brain cells. (Or should I say...BRIAN cells. Crap! Wrong show! ) -LetsGoSwagger

One time it was the only thing on and it a plane was hijacked, inspiring children to be terorists

57 Let them kiss their teacher on the mouth

This list is getting stupider and stupider. - hype

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58 Let them be a bully
59 Let them drive cars
60 Let them do dangerous challenges like the cinnamon challenge

The cinnamon could get into your lungs and you cannot breathe. - Connor360

I made a post under Let Them Have a Boyfriend/girlfriend. Remember that kid Danny? Well, he forced a guy to do the ice bucket challenge.

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