Most Hated School Lessons

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1 Mathematics

I don't get why everybody hates this subject?

You really like it or you really hate it!

I'm Asian and I hate math!

2 French

I love this subject, I'm in Quebec, we have thus 8/9 days, it's so nice

Why does this exist in anywhere that isn't France?

3 Gym

PE is horrible. It was designed to ruin lives, mark my words.

I like it but a lot of people don't

4 History

Like what is the point of learning the details of past? knowing the general things is good but not this way

5 English

Iam from the Netherlands, and English is easy and hard both! For me then

6 Science

Too much thinking, makes my brain hurt :(

7 Physics

Sometimes it is fun?

8 Technology
9 Latin

Actually a dead language..

10 Religious Education
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11 Greek
12 Philosophy

Thinking thinking and more thinking...

13 Art

I like drawing but my art teacher hates me apparently we have to do what she wants

Drawing, you know it's just a drag sometimes.

14 Literacy
15 Practical and Applied Arts
16 Chinese

This is too hard

17 Health
18 Music
19 Physical Education
20 Theology
21 Arabic
22 Literature
23 Drama
24 Cosmetology
25 Geology
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