Top Ten Reasons Why Super Mario Galaxy Is Better Than Super Mario Bros

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1 Mario Galaxy has better graphics

I actually love the graphics the same. Super Mario Bros. was very artistic with its blocky graphical style. Super Mario Galaxy has a lot of effort put into its universe design.

Amazing graphics for it's time, can hardly see pixels

Does not actually matter

They're both good games.

2 Rosalina is in Super Mario Galaxy but not Super Mario Bros

You treat Rosalina the same way Danteem is with Luigi.


Silver Got Introduced In Sonic 06 But That Does That Mean Sonic 06 is Good?

Rosalina has Luma

3 Mario Galaxy has more plot

Yeah, Mario didn't just have to save Princess Peach, he also had to save the universe.

No one cares about a plot in a mario game


4 Luma is in Mario Galaxy but not Super Mario Bros

See my Rosalina comment.

What'd I tell ya?



5 Mario Galaxy is more fun

You know Mario Galaxy is better. Doesn't excuse the fact that this list has crappy reasoning although I do agree with this item

And has unique controls.

Your Not Just Running Around Jumping On Goombas And Jumping Onto A Flag Pole At The End

Both Are Fun, This List Has Poor Reasoning

6 Mario Galaxy is more challenging

It's pretty hard too. I once played it a couple of times at one of my friends' house; sadly, I didn't get that far on that game.

In The First One Your Basically Just Running Around

7 Mario Galaxy has humor

It Doesn't Really Have Humor

8 Stronger/greater power-ups

The Fire Flower was a classic. It had one new thing: lighting up torches.

The Ice Flower was one of my favourite power-ups of all time. You turn into an ice statue, walk on water and lava and freeze enemies on contact.

The Bee Mushroom is unique. You can fly, climb honeycombs and land on flowers and mushrooms.

The Boo Mushroom is good. You can go through walls, but there is one flaw though. You become vulnerable to light. :(

The Spring Mushroom... what? It wraps a metallic coil around you and... well, even though I never used it, multiple people say that it's one of the worst Mario power-ups of existence and criticzed it for being hard to control.

The Red Star was a great source of flight. I don't know what other reason to give it...

Well, Super Mario Bros. is still a great game. It's a bit superior to Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Bros. introduced these power-ups we have come to know and love from the mushrooms to the power stars, but Super Mario Galaxy has power-ups that make the Mario Bros. even more capable of doing high black-belt skill stuff. And how dare you tell someone that he/she is just jealous, TheYoshiPyro64. - The Ultimate Daredevil

Red Star makes you fly, boyy

9 Different level designs

Super Mario Galaxy has more different level design than Super Mario Bros., but the level design of Super Mario Bros. is more similar than the same. - The Ultimate Daredevil

The best reason

10 Much stronger gameplay

Amazing game, amazing story, my favorite game, oh by the way I commented on all of these reasons

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11 It's not a short game

So? Space Quest I-III are short but they are nothing short of amazing

It's a perfect game you should try out. Don't listen to Chaotixhero, he's just jealous.

Super Mario bros was made in 1985 you dummie

It’s Actually Pretty Long

12 Better bosses

Unlike crappy lings

That si true

It’s Not Just Bowser

13 All the boss fights aren’t exactly the same

In The First Game Your Just Running To Bowser And Hitting The Bridge Bowser Is Standing On Making Bowser Fall Into The Lava

14 More detail

A lot more detail

Yes, a lot more

That is true

15 Graphics look good
16 The final fight isn’t Mario hitting the bridge and making Bowser fall in the lava

That’s All You Do In The Final Fight In The First Game

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