Top Ten Super Mario Theories that Could Actually Be Plausible

Fan theories are... fun... I guess. Some fan theories are absolutely atrocious, but there are some theories that I believe actually make sense. This list focuses on Super Mario theories. Characters from other games may be included in the theory, but it MUST center on Super Mario.

If you add a theory of your own to this list, you must have either objective or canonically proven reasons to backup your claim. Theories that can be easily disproven or are blatantly wrong should not be added to this list. Feel free to debate over whether these theories could be true, but please refrain from arguing. And most importantly, just remember that absolutely NOTHING on this list is confirmed to be canon.
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1 The King Boo in Super Mario games is actually the second King Boo; the original is the one from Luigi's Mansion. In the Super Mario series, King Boo is the leader of all the Boos and a major antagonist. He is an ally of King Bowser. He is depicted as a large white Boo with a crown similar to that of Princess Peach... read more

To avoid wordiness, the King Boo from Luigi's Mansion will be listed as King Boo I, while his Mario counterpart is King Boo II.

1. King Boo I is pure evil. King Boo II isn't.
2. King Boo I is both a competent and exceptional villain, carefully laying out his plans, calling on allies to assist him in his endeavors, and gathering resources to increase his own strength. King Boo II is not shown to do any of that.
3. King Boo II is a big Boo with a gold crown on his head. King Boo I is even larger, is more purple-oriented, and wears a gigantic jewel in his crown that super-enhances his strength.
4. King Boo II is allied with Bowser. King Boo I is not.
5. King Boo II is shown to at least have a sense of respect and decency, as he works with other villain teams in sports and is playable in Mario Kart games. King Boo I, however, shows no affection or respect for anyone, not even his fellow Boos or the woman who literally saved him from his second painting.
6. King Boo I was willing to destroy the world and take it over solely out of revenge against Luigi. King Boo II doesn't have the power, the resentment, or the bloodlust to even consider that.

2 Mario and Luigi are physically the strongest Nintendo heroes.

1. Physics in the Super Mario universe make zero sense.
2. While characters like Samus and Pit take on monsters and gods, they also have either mythical or highly technologically advanced weaponry. Mario and Luigi (and Paper Mario) can take on characters with absolutely godlike power, such as Fury Bowser, Cackletta, Antasma, Dreamy Bowser, and even Culex using only physical attacks, basic weapons like a hammer, and the power-ups around them. (And before you ask, I'm pretty sure the power of a cat suit or fire-throwing gloves is nowhere close to that of a god bow).
3. Mario and Luigi take on their villains like it's no big deal, for example, Bowser on a daily basis.
4. Mario and Luigi break brick blocks and pound the ground like it's absolutely nothing.
5. While every playable Smash Bros. character can change trajectory in mid-air, the Mario characters are the only ones who also can do it in their own series, including Mario and Luigi.
6. Mario can jump up to about five times his own height (5'1"), and Luigi can jump significantly higher.

3 Mario possibly killed countless Toads in the first game.

The official manual says that Bowser turned the people of Mushroom Kingdom, the Toads, into stones, bricks, and horsehair plants. What it doesn't say is what happens to those Toads when Mario breaks said objects. Your guess is as good as mine.

4 Peach does nothing to prevent herself from getting kidnapped.

Now, I know it's this way so the developers can reuse the formula for the plot of each game. What doesn't make sense is the fact that every single time, the castle is completely undefended.

It would at least make more sense to have Bowser kidnap her by sidestepping the defensive measures she puts in.

5 Luigi is only able to be completely courageous when Mario is around.

It's because Luigi is not fearless like Mario. While Luigi does get over his fears and goes on to take risks and fight harder when Mario's not around, it's more difficult for him to do so, and he does not start out being completely confident.

6 Every game in the Super Mario Bros. series is like a theatrical production, including those in spin-off series.

That's basically any cartoonish series.

Looney Tunes - In "A Looney Beginning" and "A Hare Grows In Manhattan," among others, Bugs is shown as an actor (alongside folks like Al Jolson or Groucho Marx) playing a trickster, rather than being a trickster.

Mickey Mouse - "Disney's House of Mouse" basically implies it to a T. Older cartoons show he lives in Hollywood, despite some of the said older cartoons having snowy climates that are (for the most part) impossible.

Popeye the Sailor, Homer Simpson, Beavis and Butt-head, among others, seem to have had countless jobs, with not a whole lot of educational degree or practical experience in those fields.

7 King Boo's personality and appearance change depending on the crown he is wearing.

If King Boo from the Super Mario series and Luigi's Mansion series really are the same, then the idea that the crowns change his personality does make sense. The Super Mario crown is a regular golden crown, so King Boo is just a typical leader of the Boos.

The crown in Luigi's Mansion has both a power-enhancing and probably mind-corrupting jewel embedded in it. If this is the case, that could explain how Luigi's King Boo can have a vendetta with Mario as well, despite having a personality so different from Mario's King Boo that they could be two separate characters.

8 Mario and Luigi's parents are fully Italian.

Despite living in New York, Mario and Luigi are Italian. This implies that either the Mario Bros.' parents emigrated from Italy prior to Mario and Luigi's birth or the Mario Bros. themselves came to America before the events of the games.

I am not a canon director, though, so this is just a theory.

9 Mario is an anti-villain.

It's not completely unlikely. Bowser's minions are depicted as evil, but most of the enemies Mario faces don't really do anything. The elite soldiers in the Koopa Troop (e.g., Hammer Bros, Magikoopas, Koopatrols) do make a decent effort to attack Mario, but it's not clear whether they are on the offensive or the defensive.

Meanwhile, Mario basically just defeats them as he goes, taking the coins and resources he finds. To make matters worse, Bowser's minions are basically forgotten about once they are defeated (unless the level is replayed), which is kind of dark.

10 Bowser just wants attention.

Bowser is not a good guy. He definitely has grown to hate Mario throughout their conflicts for over 35 years. But is he really doing what he does out of spite for the Mushroom Kingdom? Or is he doing it because he wants to be in the spotlight?

Although, invading the kingdom and capturing its most important person is definitely not what I would do if I wanted attention.

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11 Luigi's Mansion King Boo is Bowser
12 Mario is a criminal who is just trying to kidnap Peach
13 Baron Brrr did not die.
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