Top Ten Worst Mario DS Games of All Time

Mario, the most popular and iconic man of gaming of all time's franchise is one of the greatest gaming franchises ever known to everyone. However, the man in red himself has been in many bad Nintendo DS games (some are excellent such as Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time, Mario vs. Donkey Kong, Tetris DS) that we have come to cringe to and dread. In fact, the worst DS Mario games are the worst Mario games of all time.
The Top Ten
1 Super Princess Peach

I love seeing Princess Peach being brave for once (just like in Super Mario bros 2 and Super Mario 3DWorld! ) but the level design felt like a JOKE TO ME!

This makes me laugh seeing this here because I own a copy of this game. It's not that bad.

If Princess Peach can fight.
Geez what an idiot

You play through an average game just for a dirty joke at the end

2 Yakuman DS

This video game is nothing good at all! Princess Peach gets confused easily, Scratchpad casts wrong, voice acting is fearsome, characters are bad, gameplay is very boring, etc... This is the work of Nintnedo and Satan. And that's just hideous lacking a sequel and Yakuman himself.

3 Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story

Does nothing better than its predecessors. It overdoses on Bowser. Princess Peach is awful. The voice acting is crap. The graphics are silly and should look like those in M&L: PIT. The humor is stubbornly created. The game is too hard. Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time was a masterpiece.

This List Is Not Even Close To Being Accurate. This Game Was Amazing. How Can Anyone Dislike It?

The creator of this list is being an idiot. THIS GAME IS A GOOD GAME!

This was awesome!

Fawful hates whoever added this to the list!

4 New Super Mario Bros.

What? This isn't a bad game at all.

Awesome game in my opinion!

5 Mario Kart DS

The tracks may be a bit weak compared to other 3D Mario kart games, the mission mode may not add all of the much to the experience in my opinion (please don't hate me) but this game is still awesome!

What are you guys talking about. this is the best Mario kart game ever launched

This doesn't deserve #5 I loved this game it's one of the best not worst

This games title screen theme carried on to newer mk games it's so awesome

6 Yoshi's Island DS

I am so playing all other Yoshi games. Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island is the epitome.

This Game Sucks Compared To The Original Yoshi's Island Game.

7 Mario Party DS

These people/the guy who made this list hasn't played the DS at all before.

What? This game rocks. Bower's Pinball Machine is the best board ever!

8 Super Mario 64 (Nintendo DS Version)

UGH! This game is horrible on the Nintendo ds! What were Nintendo thinking porting a popular Nintendo 64 game on the DS which is a HANDHELD! please avoid this mess and play the REAL Mario 64 on the Nintendo 64.

Maybe remake it for the Wii with better controls?

Even I Hate This Game. And I Used To Like This Game.

It should have been on the Wii u with HD graphic and better controls

9 Mario Hoops 3-on-3
10 Itadaki Street DS
The Contenders
11 Yoshi Touch & Go
12 Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games

I'm confused. How are Mario in Sonic tied in the running on the cover?

I Like It But
This Was Released When Sonic Had A Nasty Case Of Sonic 06 Syndrome

13 Mario & Luigi: Partners In Time
14 Warioware: D.I.Y.
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