Top Ten Worst Super Mario Kart Courses

Super Mario Kart, the first Mario Kart game ever created. Unlike its future installments, all of the tracks were based around one of eight themes, and each track were numbered as a result to keep track of them all. Which courses are the worst? Let's find out.
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1 Bowser Castle 2

This is easily the worst Bowser's Castle in the series, one of the worst in Super Mario Kart, and one of the worst Mario Kart tracks. There are so many turns where it just feels unsatisfying, and the track feels claustrophobic with the walls really close to your driver.

This track has everything to make you despise it. It has horrific music, looks super ugly, has 90-degree sharp turns, has a dead end, is difficult but annoying, and is all in all just not interesting at all.

I found several Special Cup courses in the game to be way more fun and easier than this track, namely Ghost Valley 3 and Koopa Beach 2. This track really brings shame to the name of Flower Cup, as it might be the worst Mario Kart track ever made.

2 Ghost Valley 2

It's the second Ghost Valley track, but honestly, I found its sequel in the Special Cup, Ghost Valley 3, to be a lot easier and more fun. Maybe I just have it easier with 180-degree turns than 90-degree turns, but seriously, look here.

It contains those types of turns, plus the road is broken in several places at the edges. You can't feel the atmosphere, only anger, which is what puts this below BC2.

3 Choco Island 2

Choco Island 2 from Super Mario Kart is probably a contender for one of the worst tracks in Mario Kart history to date. It doesn't have any redeeming qualities at all.

Okay, it's not too bland, I suppose, but everything else about it sure can't save it. The background and artwork are incredibly ugly, the music is incredibly bad, and the course design is annoying. As a Choco Island track, it is filled with slow off-road and slippery mud puddles - a lot of them! There really is not much enjoyable in this track.

4 Bowser Castle 1

This is essentially Bowser Castle 2, except the turns are wider, and there is no dead end, making it more tolerable.

It's certainly not a fun course, though, because it still retains the same aesthetics and music. But it's overall a bit better, though I must say, still incredibly boring.

5 Mario Circuit 1

The most generic course of them all. However, for an SNES course, it does look a bit better, and the music is quite awesome for a circuit theme.

But as you can see on the map, there's barely anything to it. A total of five turns, with no real difficulty. The best thing is that the track ends quickly, but the fact that I think that's the best part goes to show how generic and bland this circuit course is.

6 Ghost Valley 1
7 Mario Circuit 3

Without a doubt, the worst Mario Circuit in this game. I prefer 180-degree turns on items above this track, but honestly, this track took that concept way, WAY too seriously.

You see the middle of the image here? Making that one turn always forces me to either slow down or hit the pipe and lose my momentum. In other words, both ways are painful. The rest of the track is bearable, and the music is pretty great, but the track design itself is just boring overall. Mario Circuit 2 and 4 were way better and more fun.

The remake in MKWii was still a little bland, but at least that one turn was improved.

8 Vanilla Lake 1

Vanilla Lake 1 is simple but annoying. The entire thing is just a square where you turn right the whole time! On the road, there are also a bunch of ice blocks scattered everywhere, and if you hit one, you come to a full stop.

There aren't any shortcuts either to avoid those pesky blocks. The only nice thing I can say is the music and setting are nice, but that's it.

9 Donut Plains 1

This track is just really basic. Again, I don't dislike this course. I mean, it is a Donut Plains, and those tracks have a good atmosphere and setting, but the track design is just a more boring version of its sequel.

That bridge was only added for cosmetic purposes, as you can't even fall off the track. Overall, just basic.

10 Donut Plains 3
The Contenders
11 Vanilla Lake 2
12 Koopa Beach 1

This track is simply tolerable. It happens to be the easiest track in all of Super Mario Kart, with no walls and wide enough roads. The only thing you have to worry about is the deep water areas, which aren't even that bad.

However, at the same time, it's pretty bland. There's really nothing to it, other than some grass on one island, which doesn't do much, and some cheep cheeps here and there. Not particularly good, but not bad either.

13 Choco Island 1

Seriously, those colorful blocks? They're way too close to the road you're driving on. That, combined with the fact that it's Choco Island, makes it bad.

It's the worst theme overall, with bland music, horrific off-road mechanics, and an ugly look. But it's not as infuriating as the sequel, due to much less mud and wider roads. Plus, the jumps are a little fun.

14 Koopa Beach 2
15 Rainbow Road

It's just a bunch of super narrow and sparkly paths. Why was this in basically every other Mario Kart game?

16 Bowser Castle 3
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