Best Survivor: San Juan del Sur Contestants

The Top Ten

1 Natalie Anderson: Winner

Had an extremely social/strategic game and truly deserved the win. - alexcousins

2 Jon Misch: 6th Place

Awesome player. Natalie was smart to get him out as he totally wins otherwise.

He was a pretty good social game and had a good alliance until they turned on him. His cockiness was his downfall. - alexcousins

3 Josh Canfield: 11th Place

He was very social and strategic and it would have been cool to see him go against Jeremy as the game progressed - alexcousins

4 Reed Kelly: 8th Place

A very nice guy who had a brilliant plan to get Jon out that would have worked perfectly if it wasn't for Keith. - alexcousins

5 Jeremy Collins: 10th Place

From the very first episode I thought this guy was gonna win. If it wasn't for that hypocrite Missy that would've been a reality.

Jon was the hypocrite

Best of the best this season

6 Baylor Wilson: 5th Place

Was smarter than people gave her credit for - alexcousins

Why is she in 6th. Strategy or not, she's a jerk.

People say that she was mean and a brat but I think just because Missy was a bitch doesn't mean Baylor was too.

7 Keith Nale: 4th Place

He is super funny

Only person in the top 8 that kept me laughing. He was an immunity challenge boss. - alexcousins

He was the best in challenges, and the funniest.

8 Wes Nale: 9th Place

Most underrated player on the whole cast; was smart and funny - alexcousins

9 Jaclyn Schultz: 2nd Place

She was an all right strategist but argued with Jon too much - alexcousins

10 Missy Payne: 3rd Place

Have to give her credit for riding coattails to the end; besides that not much about her except her sprained ankle. - alexcousins

The Contenders

11 Alec Christy: 7th place
12 Drew Christy: 15th Place
13 Nadiya Anderson: 18th place
14 Val Collins: 17th Place
15 John Rocker: 16th Place
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