Top Ten Reasons Survivor Is Better Than Big Brother

The Top Ten
1 Better Characters
2 More Dramatic Moments
3 Better Strategic Gameplay

On Survivor, you get some geniuses, that's why I watch it.
On Big Brother (American version), you get strategic amatuers, that's why I love/hate it (it's funny to see how dumb they are).

Easily better gameplay 100%

4 Better Seasons
5 Better Challenges
6 Overall more entertaining
7 It's Still Good
8 Blindsides
9 More deserving Winners

Rachel Rilley did not deserve to win BB13, along with several other winners.
Meanwhile, the only undeserving winners I can think of are Sophie (22), and Kim (24).

Kim isn't an undeserving winner you moron!

10 Less Surveillance

The cameras are everywhere in big brother

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