Top 10 Reasons Why Nintendo Switch is Better Than Xbox One

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1 Nintendo Switch Can Be Played Anywhere, Anytime

Yeah Man, but there's a thing called "Battery", but for that exists a thing called "Charger". Problem Solved!

The most unique console I have ever seen.

2 The Switch Has a Far Superior Exclusive Line-Up

Mario, Pokemon, Zelda, Kirby, Super Smash, Fire Emblem, the list goes on and on. Xbox's only decent exclusive is Halo.

3 The Xbox One Relies on Crappy Ports of PC Games

The Xbox One is a powerful console, but the games are usually ports.

4 The Switch Has a More Creative Concept

We. Got. To. Agree. To. That.

5 Xbox One Has Very Few (If Any) JRPGS

JRPGs don't define a console, but yeah we need them.

6 The Switch Can Help You Exercise

Xbox only did Kinect, a confusing mechanic that only existed to copy off the Wii anyways.

Not many exercise games but fair enough.

The Kinect is a problem.

7 Xbox One Has Bad Controls

Enjoy playing with small sticks

Not THAT bad, but, yeah.

8 50% of Xbox Games are "Dudebro" Games

Games like Call of Duty, Fortnite, all those horrible shooting games give this industry a bad name. While yes, the Switch has the games too, shooter fans can easily ignore them in favor of Splatoon, which is colorful, creative and adorable. On Xbox, these types of games are shooter fans' only options.

Switch: Games have diversity.
Xbox One: FPS and a few open worlds along with a handful of platformers.

9 The Switch Can Be More Easily Hacked

That isn't a good point though..

10 Nintendo Doesn't Try to Look Edgy

What's that supposed to mean?

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11 The Switch is More Child-Friendly

The switch has loads more variety, platformers, RPGs, shooters, puzzlers, fighters and loads more. The majority of XBox games are over Pegi 12.

12 It's More Innovative

Pretty sure the XBox One is the same thing as 360 but more slightly powerful

13 The Switch has the most exclusives, most games, and the most upcoming games.
14 The Switch Has Kid Friendly and Creative Games for Kids
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