Best Tablet, Phone and Video Game Brands

The Top Ten Best Tablet, Phone and Video Game Brands

1 Xbox One

I have one in my room. :-) - EpicJake

In your room? Wow! You must be so lucky! I wish I could have an Xbox 360 in my room so I could play Minecraft all day! - Wolftail

I’ve always been a PS4 guy but all of my friends play on Xbox One. I’m thinking about getting one. - QQ

2 Xbox 360
3 Wii

I only have a wii.

4 Kindle Fire HD
5 Nextbook

That's what I use to get on this site. laugh out loud - EpicJake

6 Verizon

My dad has a Verizon. - EpicJake

7 AT&T

They do try to keep their customers happy

8 T-Mobile
9 PlayStation 4
10 Wii U

The Contenders

11 Nintendo Switch

BEst system EVER

12 Nintendo 3DS

My first system was this... it takes me back

13 NES


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