Top Ten Most Terrifying Things About the Emergency Alert System

If you live in Tornado Valley, you know this alert far too much.

The Top Ten

1 The SAME Header

The SAME Header is the shrill screeching you hear at the beginning and the end of a EAS Alert. It is probably the 2nd most terrifying alarm right next to the Air Raid Siren - AgentofAnarchy

2 The Attention Signal

The noise can sometimes make me jump especially if I not expecting it to go off like for a real emergency - trains45

Yeah it can be scary, especially if your not expecting it to go off - trains45

I have to hear mine soon for a test I so nervous - trains45

Here in canada it beeps for 8 seconds and it sounds different than the usa it could be scary for some people who are afraid of the noise

3 The robotic, monotonous voice

In many alerts, you hear a automated voice message. You rarely ever hear a human voice. - AgentofAnarchy

4 The black screen

In some states in the USA, the EAS Alert interrupts broadcast by showing black screen. Pretty much falls into the Vanity Plate, but in other states (including the state I currently reside in, Florida), a black bar will appear instead. Because of this, viewers can still see what is happening during the EAS, but all sound from the current T.V. show that is airing will be cut off. - AgentofAnarchy

5 The soulless white text

All of the EAS contain white text in the AgencyFB font. This adds to the creepiness of the message - AgentofAnarchy

6 The fact that it never talks about anything nice

It always talks about life threatening events. - AgentofAnarchy

7 The amber alert

These alerts often contain the infamous "Deep Note" from T.H.X and more creepy content - AgentofAnarchy

8 The alert from Oklahoma in 1999

It has that weird WAKAWAJAWAKAWAKA noise. - AgentofAnarchy

9 Sometimes in happens in the middle of the night

It wakes you up with it's nails-on-a-chalkboard screech - AgentofAnarchy

10 Nuclear War

The Contenders

11 Tornado Warning

I would be really scared if my phone got an emergency alert for a tornado warning - trains45

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