Top Ten Users That Should Kiss Each Other

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1 Britgirl and Keyson

Wow. I just discovered this list, and this is about as weird as the users who should date Britgirl one. This is the only item that SHOULD be on this list.

I'd kiss Tina all day and all night until I am out of kisses! I live her so, so, so much! Love you Tina!

They should because they love each other.

2 toptendudes and iggyjepsen
3 445956 and Puga

I'll order a extra side of NOPE with that.

4 xandermartin98 and Htoutlaws2012

I'd rather be asexual than have this be a shipping option. Sorry, but no.

Yeah I have nothing against gay ships but this is just... no...

This is perfect! (Absolutely not)

5 NightmareCinema and AnimeDrawer
6 PositronWildhawk and HappyHappyJoyJoy

I think the age difference makes that kind of illegal...

7 Garythesnail and Funnyuser

Not happening even though he's a good guy.

8 Wolftail and Petsounds

She's a cool girl and pretty cute, but I think I'll pass regardless.

Britgirl and hhjj are probably the only two people on here I'd consider kissing, and only in the friendliest of ways.

9 Turkeyasylum and Cosmo

I don't have the slightest idea who Turkeyasylum is or looks like.

How could you? Away (user that made this list)!

10 Lovemusic and PositronWildhawk
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11 iggyjepsen and htoutlaws2012

Yeah no this just won't work like at all...

12 Therandom and Puga
13 CaptainMowzker and Kevinsidis

Wow... whoever added this clearly wanted to anger me and you've failed because I can tell that it's a troll item...

14 PatrickStar and Britgirl

Do you resize that Patrick star is only 10?

15 Britboy and Britgirl

Poor Britgirl! According to this list she should kiss almost every male user.

16 Sop and Catacorn

Why though? They seem more like friends to me.

17 CaptainMozwker and Twilight Kitsune

I nolonger have a crush on her, but she is a cool friend to have. I'll just leave it at that, plus I already have a girlfriend and in general I think we're better as friends. Plus I don't want to make things between me and her awkward.

Um... well I'm taken now but I still kind of like Kitsune in a way, but I think it's best for me and her to stay as maybe good friends or close friends for now.

I wouldn't mind kissing her... but eh it's kind of one sided so far I obviously do love Kitsune but I'm not sure if she feels the same so...

18 Puga and Visitor
19 Jorgen and Juandissimo

That troll added fairly oddparents characters here, not real users. And I would hate the productor if I see those two characters kissing (they are both male, by the way).

These aren't real users. These are fake names someone added just to try to be funny. These are characters from The Fairly OddParents.

You just ruined the Fairly Odd Parents for me!

20 McKing1003 and Wolftail
21 Positronwildhawk and Puga
22 Htoutlaws2012 and Valetine
23 saturatedsunrise and NightmareCinema
24 EvilAngel and Britgirl

I don't think my girlfriend or Britgirl's boyfriend would agree... and as a result, neither would we... so I don't agree with this item, nor do I agree with any other item including non-single people.

25 MatrixGuy and Magnolia
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