Top Ten Users of TheTopTens That Have Retired

These TopTenners retired anywhere from a week ago to almost a year ago. They are missed, and I may not have known them, but I have seen lists and comments from a while ago.
The Top Ten
1 HezarioSeth

Far from asinine, he had loads of personality, and would be nice to have around again.

I was losing interest in the site when he messaged me. We had some fabulous exchanges.

If he comes back I will play the sweet victory song from SpongeBob

2 Dreamformusic

She retired because people were mean to her because she loved Winx Club. I am not crazy about WC, but that was a pointless reason to hate her.

Bullying cause of Winx Club. That is ridiculous and stupid for those who bullied her.

She left cause people were being mean to her just because she likes Winx Club.

I don't know why she retired, but she was nice.

3 Forever_Smiling13

Unlike most of the pathetic attention seekers, she just left because she lost interest.

Forever_Smiling13 was not only an amazing listmaker, but an amazing friend as well.

4 MissBritain

She seemed pretty nice, but the retirement is unconfirmed, so she just MIGHT come back.

I just saw her on here, so she isn't retired.

5 Cameo

She had some of the most creative lists I've seen in the 3 months I've been on here.

6 CardboardBox

BBUE- Best Box User Ever. I was looking at his profile and it said he retired. I already miss him.

So that's why he never spoke to me after following me...

7 SubliminalMessages

He texted me a few days back and said this website wasn't his cup of tea. In his short time here, he did make a few good lists. He had potential.

I had no idea he was gone. He was very good.

He was a good user, too bad he retired.

At least he came back.

8 Blue_Deveraux

Being an older person, I don't think this site offered her much in the way of entertainment. She had fabulous taste in music. I miss seeing her name on my lists.

I recently encountered their lists. Just wow.

9 velitelcabal

He was a really funny and cool user. I wish he came back. And he didn't have to delete his account when retiring either.

10 lovemusic

I miss her a lot. We had a lot of fun talking to each other. She was a very misunderstood and very entertaining and warm-hearted character. I don't know if she'll ever be back, but I hope so.

I never exchanged messages with her, but I somehow got the impression she'd had a rough time of it. Only time I've ever seen an account deleted.

I also recently encountered this user, At least they loves good music.

The Contenders
11 happyhappyjoyjoy

I never knew she retired.

Really? I had no idea

12 MontyPython

Some users just aren't happy with the site. Her state was much more shocking. Hope she's okay.

Her goodbye post nearly made me cry. It was so sad.

I just hope that her and her family are doing okay.

No she's still here.

13 CastlevaniaFanboy128

He was one of my first friends on this website and his review posts inspired me a lot as to contribute as much as I can to this website. I'm really gonna miss having Boris around here.

14 Turkeyasylum

We will miss you Turkeyasylum, you make such interesting lists.

I hope he comes back and realizes how sorry I really am for spamming his Q&A.

Well, I'm not retired yet, but I'm about to.

15 SmoothCriminal

He was so popular.

16 yolo2346

I haven't heard from him lately, which is upsetting, because he was one of my first friends on this site.

17 SevenLizards

I wouldn't be purr-prised if he came back to see comments that sob sob at him.

Most of his lists weren't very interesting as well as bland.

He left? But-But-I thought I convinced him to stay? I'll always love you SL! (Just as friends of course)

I always thought he was boring.

18 Robinismike
19 WonkeyDude98

This site will never be the same without him. I looked up to his high-quality posts like everyone else's and were inspired them. Now one of the best new generation users has to leave.

He was an awesome user. Always so friendly, mature, smart, and most of all, caring. I am gonna miss him a lot.

I was happily eating curry chips when it went down. I then sadly ate curry chips. Will be missed.

One of the 2 Best users of this gen (the other one also retired). He will be very missed.

20 MoldySock
21 Britgirl

If and when I decide to leave. I'll just go without the fuss. One day I'll be here and the next...

But it says on her profile that she's just resting...

I'll be hurt if Britgirl retires. I miss her.

Britgirl did not retire

22 BarneyTheDinosaurRocks

I miss him, he's my favorite user of all time.

This guy actually knew how to troll.

Bring him to number 1, please.

He was a funny troll.


Glad she's gone

24 LightningBlade

Now he totally retired. He doesn't visit or do much here now. But if you had seen his contribution you would say how greatly he worked. He even made 70-75 lists in a day!

25 OtakuGamergirl

Truly sad she's gone I hope she comes back eventually.

Most of these users haven't retired.

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