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21 She's a tomboy

Who cares?

22 She and Tank are cute together

She really loves him! It's so cute!

If she really loves him, why did she tried to stop him from hibernating, huh? You do realize he could have died frozen, don't you? - CorvetteroZR1

23 She's hot

She does have an awesome mane.

Damn zoophilics... - CorvetteroZR1


24 She made the show popular

True that.

25 She's a good fighter

She's nothing without her wings - CorvetteroZR1


26 She's had the most development

What?... - CorvetteroZR1

Ohmygod yes!

27 Makes the best faces

More like the ugliest faces.

28 She always wins

And that is good because...?

29 She was going to be the main character
30 She's got tons of friends

No. Her "friends" hate her. And she hates them.

31 She has the best element of harmony

She doesn't even deserve to be one - CorvetteroZR1

32 She's a cute fangirl

Definitely not - CorvetteroZR1

33 She's too complex for haters.

Exactly! Complexity is just annoying, dumbass ;v - CorvetteroZR1

34 She likes hugs and snuggling

Aha... - CorvetteroZR1

35 She's the reason a lot of older fans started watching MLP
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1. She got her friends their cutie marks
2. Her relationship with Scootaloo
3. She defends others
1. She's entertaining
2. She's loyal
3. She's a great flyer



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