Top Ten Best Things About the YouTube Channel CinemaSins


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1 Their humor

Its made me quite nitpicky as well. The commentary is HILARIOUS though! I mean, have you seen their video on The Last Airbender? Spot on, and so funny! - keycha1n

This is Birdy. Randy, I completely misjudged you. I love anyone who watches cinema sins.

It points out the obvious flaws in the movies. - Therandom

People just take them way too seriously! - MostTalented_BoyX

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2 It points out obvious flaws in movies
3 The bonus rounds

Age of extinction got bonus round for explosions and product placement. The final sin tally did not look good after that.

It usually gets a film to the millions or billions in sins. - Therandom

4 The sin count

The sin count gives some extraordinary statistics. Some bad and rushed films have fewer sins than some critically acclaimed hall of fame films. - PositronWildhawk

The sin count doesn't actually matter. It's what the sins themselves are actually worth. - Therandom

5 The film's sentence

Such as being kissed by the dementors for Harry potter. - Therandom

6 The guy who does most of the films

He is the funniest: - Therandom

7 The billions of sins some films got

Like Jbs film. I forget what it was called. I never saw the film, just every thing wrong with it. - Therandom

8 It did an episode on Frozen

It is like a family version of The Grey. If only Liam Neeson was there to threaten to beat someone to death for a billfold.

9 It inspired gaming sins

That's right. CinemaSins inspired Charriii5 to do his GamingSins series.

10 It could be useful for filmmakers to not make mistakes in their movies

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11 "This scene does not contain a lap dance"
12 "That's racist"
13 It shows nothing or no one is perfect
14 "Narration"
15 …… is not my Girlfriend in this scene
16 "Marketing"
17 "Swearing in front of children"
18 Wallace

Loved this cat. May he Rest In Peace.

19 It inspired other channels to do sins

Like GCN, Christian Maracle, & Charriii5 - WWEWBMortalKombatFan

20 "Logos"
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1. Their humor
2. It points out obvious flaws in movies
3. The bonus rounds
1. Their humor
2. It points out obvious flaws in movies
3. The film's sentence


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