Best Things to Do On TheTopTens When You're Bored

The Top Ten

1 Make a funny list
2 Make a useless list
3 Make a list of things you hate
4 Message a random person

I like messaging random people! - funnyuser

5 Make a very long blog post

Or start a series of these to keep you occupied in the future. - PositronWildhawk

6 Profile surf
7 Make short but funny comments
8 Make random comments

I like uni-corns

9 Read an entire category of lists
10 Message people "i'm bored"

The Contenders

11 Look at lists you hate
12 Find a user and read every list of theirs
13 Help other people deal with boredom
14 Hate haters
15 Update your profile
16 Like random comments
17 Comment
18 Check all your lists to see your comments, added listings, and remixes
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