Top Ten Things Eminem Should Do In 2015

The Top Ten Things Eminem Should Do In 2015

1 The Eminem Show 2

It would be amazing! "Encore" was originally supposed to be the sequel of "The Eminem Show" but it was more wishful thinking.

Sorry. Anyways. call me back I got this idea about The second Eminem Show

Encore was the Eminem Show 2

Ok the Eminem show was great but he won't make the second one

2 D12 Comeback Album

Not as you would like but we all

Another D12 album would be awesome in 2015 (this year) on wikipedia it says that they will be making a new album - burningninja06

Good news is, there making a another one. - Mumbizz01

Id prefer a D12 album to The Eminem Show 2.

3 Slim Shady LP 2

It would be awesome since The Slim Shady LP is one of my personal favorite Eminem albums, but I think that Eminem is in a different phase in his life now and he wants to do different stuff.

I would want this to happen but actually people don't understand that relapse is - bit like the slim shady LP 2 but with a different name.

Relapse was the Slim Shady LP 2


4 8 Mile the Sequel

Supposedly this sequel was going to do because Roger Ebert wanted to see rabbit become the rapper Eminem

Definitely, it would be so interesting.

Yes, please, yes, please! - ShyChick

I can just imagine the songs, Lose Yourself was good in 8 mile, so, a sequel to lose yourself, THAT SOUNDS GEAT 😆

5 Eminem & Linkin Park Album

Yes my vote takes it to 2nd place... Yea and I would love it too... ! Eminem and linkin park = All world records under one roof...

AWESOME - Zaighamrocks

This would be awesome I could just picture white America and one step closer

I would love to hear this they should mix songs like drips with hit the floor

6 Bad Meets Evil Album

The first one was great I would love a second

7 A Collaboration With Hollywood Undead

Wow that could be awesome
With LP is better but I voted for this to get it to top, also making a non-rap song is good this get it to top guys!

8 Redemption

Yes! This would be amazing, not an album living off nostalgia but something new but with old style

9 Finite (Sequel to Infinite)

He did Shady XV to celebrate the 15th anniversary of The Slim Shady LP, so he should send us off with one final album better than any other.

There's no way that his next album will be his last, 42 years is not that old - amit1515

10 Diss Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj

I have a 3 inch penis

The Contenders

11 50 Cent Duo Album

I'm really pissed I had to vote for this to be able to comment this is an absolutely terrible idea

No 50 cent and Dr dre collaboration


12 Shady 2.0 Re Up
13 Shady Talez

That movie look forward

14 Yelawolf Duo Album
15 Retirement Album

Retirement album? Hell to the no! - ShyChick

That ain't happening for years.

I do not want it like this, but everything has an end

16 Southpaw

The trouble is that Eminem was replaced by Jake Gyllenhaal

17 A Song That Isn't Rap

He sings at a lot of his records, like in Hailie's song he sings and he sounds amazing but he's the best rapper ever so he should stuck to rapping because that's his thing. - ShyChick

What? He is the best rapper, there is no point in doing a non - rap song.

18 A Collaboration With Mike Shinoda
19 Collaboration With Beyoncé
20 Be Naked In Public

Uh... He will never do that - Mumbizz01

21 Return of Bad Meets Evil
22 Work with EpicLLOYD
23 Collaboration with Spongebob Squarepants

Just imagine. Eminem singing the campfire song.

24 Diss Everybody In Music

Come on marshall, show them who is the boss!

25 Album Called: The Return of Slim Shady


26 Infinite Legacy
27 Get Out of Music Industry
28 Voice Bowser Jr.
29 Voice Clyde (from Pac-Man)
30 Collaboration with Rick Ross

I don't think he would do that though rick ross dissed him - burningninja06

31 Write a Song about How it Feels to Sell Out
32 Die

Eminem and the rest of the rappers including Lil Wayne, Iggy Azalea and Nicki Minaj should just die for destroying music and developing a bad influence on teens. (No offense, Eminem fans. ) Eminem, Nicki Minaj and the rest of the rap artists suck epically. Oh yeah and Justin Bieber sucks too.

I totally agree with you. Why have all of these Eminem fans listen to him. He lacks talent and is angry. Also, he should retire - kmyeakel

33 Go to India

He has never been to India, because India do not deserve him to be on stage, but even though, he should do a concert over here, but as long as I am here, he should do a concert over here.

34 Makes a Cameo in a Slipknot Music Video
35 Another Duet With Marilyn Manson
36 Collaboration With Korn
37 Make Curtain Call 2
38 Do Drugs Again
39 Release King Mathers
40 Make an Album Named "Insane"

Like, another slim shady lp? Hell yeah!

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