Top 10 Things that Nintendo Should Add in Super Mario Galaxy 3

If Nintendo decides to make this game,there would be things that we will REALLY want in it.

The Top Ten

1 Add Fawful and Dimentio as main antagonists
2 Make Bowser Jr. or a Koopaling playable

Eh, Just Bowser Jr, Koopalings are in nearly every Game

Bowser is a little clumsy for this kind of game. - TopTener

3 Add bosses like Cackletta,Popple and Antasma
4 Add Power-Ups from other 3D (or 2D) games
5 Make Mario go to different dimensions
6 Add Unagi The Eel in some underwater levels
7 Add Broozer in Ghost House levels
8 Make Mario Party styled galaxies
9 Add gadgets that can serve like Power-Ups
10 Add in Metal Mario as a boss or the Metal Cap to turn Mario into Metal Mario

Metal Mario is my favorite character, so I would naturally love to see him in my favorite game, Super Mario Galaxy! I would prefer having him as a boss, but it would still be cool even just to have the ability to turn Mario or Luigi into Metal Mario or Metal Luigi! I also would love to see Wario as a playable character, like in Super Mario 64 DS! Another thing that I think would be cool, would be to have minigames with Wario (which is also on this list) or Captain Toad, like the ones in Super Mario 3D World (and this would make sense, too since Captain Toad was in both of of the previous Super Mario Galaxy games)! I also want more Airship levels (really love Airships) and Bouldergeist is my favorite boss in SMG (Super Mario Galaxy) so I want to see more of him, too! And there should be a ghost level with King Boo or Big Boo as a boss and a Bullet Bill themed Galaxy! I also like the Vortex Flower idea and would like to see Cappy from Super Mario Odyssey, too! And I believe that that's ...more

The Contenders

11 Have a villain other than Bowser

I find Mario games with villains other than Bowser to be very interesting, it's nice to stray away from the norm every here and then!

12 Add Bonus Levels with Wario

Wario can be a little more agile than Bowser because he's the same as Mario in Super Mario 64 DS. - TopTener

13 Add Dry Bowser as a boss
14 Create a Power-up called the Vortex Flower that lets Mario create a Portal to go from one place to another (could be used to sneak-up behind enemies or bosses)
15 Feature a Desert Bullet Bill Brigade (like in Super Mario 3D World) or a Snowy Bullet Bill Brigade would be cool too
16 Add in Cappy from Super Mario Odyssey
17 Add in Waluigi
18 Make Waluigi playable

It’s about Time Waluigi is in something relevant to the franchise. - Randomator

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