Top 10 Things that Should Happen to Kiwi from Juice Jam

Juice jam is so dumb, I wanna punch Kiwi in the face.

The Top Ten

1 She screams so loudly her head explodes

I'm sure she dose this when you lose a level. - Officialpen

2 Bowgart sticks a knife in her head

My Singing Monsters rules! Juice Jam drools - Officialpen

3 All the characters in the game get taken away expect for the cat

The cat is a good character but everyone else will be dead. - Officialpen

4 The game and Kiwi get banned V 1 Comment
5 She and Mango fall into a volcano V 1 Comment
6 She pees her pants when you pass a level in the game V 1 Comment
7 SpongeBob shaves her hair

Then she will look like a little pink pin cushion in orange overalls. - Officialpen

8 Kiwi kills Mango so all her friends kill her
9 She disappears
10 A group of Endermen chase her V 1 Comment

The Contenders

11 Calvin puts a grenade on Kiwi's head V 1 Comment
12 Somebody shoots a firework at her head
13 She gets tired of making juice V 1 Comment
14 Nemo tells SGN Kiwi is a dumb character V 1 Comment
15 She poops her pants

I saw 2 advertisements of Juice jam with Kiwi, and they were animated. Let's start with the 1st one, Kiwi was making juice while dancing in a creepy way. I think the ad should go like this: when Kiwi's making juice, she poops her pants. She smell it and picks it up. And she says "I made Chocolate! " And eats her own poo. - Officialpen

16 She dies

Hopefully she will die of a permanent & gigantic throat ache - Officialpen

17 She gets taken on a trip to outer space and left on Jupiter

LOL Jupiter makes people sink so Kiwi will sink. - Officialpen

18 She throws up in someone's juice
19 Put her in Minecraft

Good. Now the zombies can kill her. - Officialpen

20 Tell Steve (Minecraft) and an enderman to get TNT to make Kiwi explode
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