Top Ten Things That Should Happen to Rainbow Dash


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41 She gets poisoned
42 She gets grounded
43 She becomes invincible V 1 Comment
44 No one likes her anymore and everyone hates her

No you lovers are the losers for defending a worthless pony, us haters have a life and we understand that this list is for haters. Don't you see what it is about? Go to a list about loving rainbow dash and comment all you want, but don't mess with us haters.

Yes! This would be awesome, and this is for all rainbow dash haters.

Rainbow Dash fans are the losers here not us haters, us rainbow dash haters rules.

45 She kills prince Blueblood
46 She kills all the people who hate her

This is rude, I will get rainbow dash and finish her off because this is cruel. Anyone can like or hate whatever they want, I am a hater but I am okay with people liking rainbow dash but this is cruel, you can say something like rainbow dash wins an award or something like that but let's not get offensive. This should be off the list. Whoever put this needs to get a life. I'm not hating on rainbow dash fans, though I am hating on the person who made this. It's not fair that just because someone doesn't like rainbow dash doesn't mean she has to kill us. I mean I'm okay with the non offensive ones but please don't put this cause its mean and so unfair that we are forced to like a pony to live. It's like me forcing you to like cats or else you will get killed, doesn't sound fair to me. How would you like it if you were forced to like something you don't like but have to in order to live. Whoever put this has no life and is cruel.

Ha! I would not be able to get murdered by a pony. You know why? Because she is not even real! - AnimeDrawer

She doesn't exist ya ***** - TNTToasterPranksterboat

47 She slaps her haters in the face

Us haters are not so mean, we only say hate comments and rude comments about rainbow dash, but not you fans. We only say not so offensive stuff to rainbow dash fans like"get a life" or "you guys are mean" but we don't say such offensive stuff like you rainbow dash fans do.

48 The wonderbolts realize how mean she is and fire her
49 She gets eaten
50 She becomes the next Diamond Tiara
51 She turns evil
52 She gets her wings chopped off
53 She forgets what 2+2 is
54 She watches Foodfight
55 She becomes a Dora the Explorer character

I hate her and dora and are equally annoying, rainbow dash should be in dora the explorer, not mlp.

56 She gets put on number 1 on the Top Ten Worst My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic characters V 1 Comment
57 She insults her fans
58 She gets another hate list
59 She kills Tanks
60 Her haters get banned from this website

You guys are crazy! We're not bullying you guys! We have a right and serve a purpose to stay in this site! In fact, if anyone should get banned, you guys should! For being bullies - MLPFan

Yeah, go away Rainbow Dash haters!

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1. Her friends betray her
2. She dies
3. She loses her friends
1. She loses her friends
2. She sees Soarin making out with Spitfire
3. She can't do the Sonic Rainboom anymore
1. She loses her friends
2. She can't do the Sonic Rainboom anymore
3. All her friends already have boyfriends and she's the only one who doesn't

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