Top Ten Things They Could Do If There Were a Mario Comic Made by Archie

This doesn't actually exist! Just my thoughts on what should happen if it were to exist someday!

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1 Explanations

An Archie comic adaption of Mario would be awesome. They've done a good job with Sonic and Mega Man (or Sega and Capcom in general because of the crossover issues) and would be interesting to see what video game franchises they would do next. Although as far as Nintendo franchises go, I would also love to see them do comics of Star Fox or Fire Emblem, but that maybe just my wishful thinking. I doubt that will ever happen, but even so, I will still keep my fingers crossed.

Explanations are always good though, since they help you know everything from answers to questions and more.

We could finally learn how Bowser always comes back, where the koopalings came from, where Kamek and Kammy came from, and more...and to top it all off, WHO ARE MARIO & LUIGI'S PARENTS?! - CNSucksNow

2 New and Returning Antagonists

It's always, and I mean always Bowser. What if Tatanga came back come NSMB2, or some new bad guy appeared come Sticker Star? Don't forget, In a Paper Jam story arc, there could always be counterparts of past baddies: Like a Real Dimentio or maybe even a Paper Fawful. - CNSucksNow

3 Intense Fight Scenes

The Battle against Smithy could be an excellent example of this, considering his ability to use Magnum, Sledge, Meteor Swarm, Dark Star, Shredder, and he can also use Mega Recover as well as Mute Spells, Fear Spells, Poison Spells, and Scarecrow Spells.

In my opinion, the best example would be a much more treacherous battle against both Dark Bowser & The Dark Star Core. Have it explain what exactly the Dark Star wants to do as well. They never exactly explained what he wanted to do in-game. - CNSucksNow

4 Seemingly Hopeless

Example: When Mario Confronts Count Bleck In His Castle Before Peach, Bowser, and Luigi Find Him. A SPM Story Arc would be awesome, and to flesh it out even more would be...awesome.

Example No.2: The Shadow Queen Devours The Souls Of The Crowd And Becomes Invincible. This act also restores her HP, and just when everything seems lost...

Honestly, Don't know what they should change. Flesh it out, make it grimmer. Don't really like the idea of an entire crowd stalking you throughout TTYD - CNSucksNow

5 Have Popple Steal the Ultibed Parts from the Mario Bros

Honestly, I never understood why Popple wasn't used there. It would've been so much better to use Popple as a boss at that segment then it would've against the Wiggler.

Also, Boss Theme against Lone Goomba Due To Their Mistake. - CNSucksNow

6 Wario is a Fighter in the Glitz Pit, and He is Known as Wario Man!

This would be so funny. The only thing that would make this better is if THIS was the fight where Bowser interrupted Mario's road to becoming champion and obtaining the star. - CNSucksNow

7 Have Mario Rematch the Koopa Bros in Bowser Castle, and When He is About to Lose, Jr. Troopa Knocks Them Out and Attacks Mario

Have This Happen. Sorta like in Mega Man X, but the guy who saved you is a complete Nuisance. - CNSucksNow

8 Give that Lone Shroob in the Corner of Fawful Theater a Purpose

Like Thawing Out The Rest Of The Shroobs. They're there, but they haven't been used. I'd love it if these guys came back. - CNSucksNow

9 Luigi Tags Along with Mario for the Rest of the SMG Story Arc After He is Rescued in the Honeyhive Galaxy

Kinda like if there was ACTUAL CO-OP. One of the only flaws in that great game. It's so good.

Luigi tags along with Mario and saves him from Kingfin and Kamella.(2nd) - CNSucksNow

10 Waluigi Becomes a Detective

Just look at that Moustache! Isn't it obvious that he should be a detective?! - CNSucksNow

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11 Include Forgotten Characters from the Games

Some Characters are just little side characters and they only appear in ONE GAME. And some of them I really love *cough cough* BOSHI - Antifi

It would be great to see Mario characters that haven't appeared in a game for a long time come back in some form in the future.

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