10 Things that Would Happen If Nintendo Owned Sonic and Treated Him Like Mario


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1 Sonic Wouldn't Talk

Um, guys, Nintendo and Sega are actually PARTNERS now. Sonic Lost World, M&SATOWG2014 and Super Monkey Ball 3D were all Nintendo exclusives.

Most of Nintendo's Characters are speechless.He can only grunt. - Diegosho

2 Shadow and Rogue Would Not Exist

Nintendo is more family-friendly than Sega.They probably wouldn't want a edgy hedgehog and a bat with has big boobs. - Diegosho

3 No Modern, Just Classic

I don't think they would change Sonic. - Diegosho

Technically, Mario has Classic and Modern counterparts too. The former being 8-bit and the latter being a 3-D model. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Actually, the former was small and chubby with inverted colours for shirt/overalls prior to Super Mario Bros. 2 (USA).

4 Sonic's Fanbase Won't Be that Cancerous
5 No '06 but No Hype for Games

Sonic won't get that much hype for games but most of his games end up fine. - Diegosho

6 Sonic Would Have Been Called "Mr. Neddlemouse"
7 Sonic Would Have Been in the First Smash.
8 Sega Would Have Been Doomed and Nobody Will Know What Sega is Anymore.
9 More Crossovers
10 Sonic's Twitter Will Be Gone

Honestly, that's one thing that makes Sonic better than Mario. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

We all loved it! - Diegosho

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11 More Nintendo Exclusive Titles
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