Things You Do That You Would Never Admit To

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21 You eat the rest of your dinner out of the togo box while you are driving home from the restaurant
22 Being scared of spiders

My friend keeps picking up spiders at school. It creeps me out. The one stayed on his arm all day. *Shudders* - Sugoi

23 Afraid to swim

Must admit, the sea scares me and if I ever got cramp whilst swimming, then I'd pretty much be own'd. - PotBellyPup

24 Take the L / R earphones too seriously

You know you do!

I do this... it is not important but it is at the same time!

25 Drink out of the Koolaid pitcher

okay we all do it once in a while... I anly do it when theres a small amount in the pitcher that I'm able to finish off - wildog47

Pff.. Milk carton, OJ bottle too. A little backwash never killed anyone.

26 Your favorite band is Jonas Brothers and you're a guy
27 You hit a popular band with bottles, coins, chairs because you're drunk and high

there are so fans that throw things in the band like bottles, tables, chairs, etc. - ronluna

28 You enjoy wimpy entertainment personalities (Backstreet Boys, Richard Simmons, etc.)
29 I shagged your mother
30 You robbed a place
31 You killed someone

I'm pretty sure you'll have to admit it sometime, if you did this. - funnyuser

32 Tasted your pee

Nasty. I had a dream where I drank my own urine, but then I woke up. Thank god it wasn't real! - Pegasister12

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33 You are gay
34 You sucked your own blood from a cut
35 You pee in the shower

At least you save water. - Pegasister12

36 Wear and use diapers
37 You kissed your dog's mouth V 1 Comment
38 You still like to watch shows like Dora the Explorer
39 You've had internet sex
40 You have dreams about dating a celebrity
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