Top 10 Things You Will Never Hear Someone Living In Chicago Say


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1 "This upcoming winter shouldn't be too bad"

If you're planning on visiting Chicago, I would suggest during the summer because the winters in Chicago are brutal. - Ajkloth

It’s bad, I’ll guarantee it. - MrCoolC

2 "Wow, the Cubs are doing great this year!"

Except the year is 2015 or 2016. - MrCoolC

They haven't won a championship in over 100 years. - Ajkloth

They won the 2016 World Series.


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3 "Deep dish pizzas are the worst!"

If you don't like Chicago's deep dish pizza, you've never had Chicago's deep dish pizza. - Ajkloth

No, they’re the best! - MrCoolC

4 "New York City is WAY better than Chicago"

I actually would say the other way around, lol. - MrCoolC

There is a big rivalry between New York City and Chicago. - Ajkloth

5 "Michael Jordan is very overrated"

If you ask anyone in Chicago, they would say Michael Jordan is the best athlete of all time. - Ajkloth

6 "Chicago's architecture is very dull."

Chicagio has some of the best architecture in the world such as the Bean in Mellinium Park. You could also take the architecture boat tour. - Ajkloth

7 "St. Patrick's day isn't very exciting here"

The Chicago river is dyed green and there are parties pretty much everywhere you go. - Ajkloth

8 "I'll have some ketchup on my hot dog please"

I like putting ketchup on my hot dog and I don't understand why it's illegal to put ketchup on a hot dog. - Connor360

Chicago style hot dogs don't have ketchup so if you get one with ketchup you might get some weird looks from other people. - Ajkloth

Not true. People don't care of you put ketchup on your hotdog.

9 "I'm a huge White Sox fan but I also like the Cubs"

No, it's one or the other, you can't be a fan of both. - Ajkloth

I'm an Indians fan, but if I had to choose, I am on the Cubs side. - Connor360

10 "I'll be at Navy Pier with my friends for a few hours"

Navy Pier is overcrowded with tourists and overpriced. I avoid Navy Pier as much as I can. - Ajkloth

I would just eat dinner at Bubba Gump or Margaritaville, do some shopping, then get the hell out of Navy Pier. - Connor360

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11 "The Bucks are better than the Bulls"

The Bulls are in Chicago, but the Bucks are in Milwaukee. So yeah. - EpicJake

12 "The Twins are better than the White Sox"
13 "Go Cubbies Go"
14 "Yeah, I'll admit I have a Chicago accent"

The Chicago accent you here in the movies is more for a comedic effect.some people here my say the vowels like the stereotypical accent.but you here most people here talk wont with that funny accent.

15 "The Cardinals are better than the Cubs."
16 "The Packers are better than the Bears."
17 "The Red Wings are better than the Blackhawks."

This reminds me of Ferris Bueller's day off. - Connor360


18 "Where can I get that Hard Rock Cafe T-shirt?"
19 "Where is a Walgreens at?"
20 "Where is a McDonald's at?"
21 "I've been a Blackhawks fan my whole life"
22 "Chicago has a terrible basketball team"
23 "Sears Tower is Ugly!"
24 "The Bulls Suck"
25 "I loooooooooooooooove Rarity from My Little Pony."
26 "Hey, I know, let's go to Gary!"
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1. "This upcoming winter shouldn't be too bad"
2. "Deep dish pizzas are the worst!"
3. "Wow, the Cubs are doing great this year!"
1. "This upcoming winter shouldn't be too bad"
2. "Wow, the Cubs are doing great this year!"
3. "Deep dish pizzas are the worst!"


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