Top Ten Things You Would Not Expect to Be In a Five-star Hotel

The Top Ten

1 Bad Hotel Rooms

The room would have all the bad things and scary and sad things combined.

No joke, I was at this dance competition thing and the hotel we stayed at was AWFUL! We entered the room and it stank so bad. There was hair on the bathroom floor. Stains on the wall and a broken window. And a cockroach.
At least it was better than my friend’s hotel room. There were fake eyelashes all over her floor and...wait for it...wait for it...a stinkin’ PIECE OF PIZZA IN THE CLOSET!
It was only a three-star hotel though, but still.

One of the main things for me about hotels are the rooms. Imagine a room with little space to move around, uncomfortable beds, and insects lurking around at night! Terrifying! - Wolftail

I experience this a lot - RedAce66

2 Bad Food

Once I ordered room service in a five-star hotel. Steak and assorted vegetables. My dad and I had to wait for an hour, and when it came, the steak was TINY, the green beans had some kind of fur on them, the potatoes were horrible, but at least I got free ice cream! But the portion was twice as big as the steak! Couldn't the portions be switched around? - Wolftail

I would get really ticked off if I got bad food. - Pug

The food is quite bland on the hotel - RedAce66

3 No Entertainment

What are people supposed to do all day then? Well, I suppose if you're staying with friends or family they're good company, but what if you're on your own? - Wolftail

4 Bad Service
5 Staff Who Seem Like They Hate Their Jobs

I dislike these kind of people. They work in a luxurious hotel! They get paid! They get exercise! Why so miserable though? - Wolftail

6 Noises Preventing You From Sleeping

On the third day of my family's stay in the hotel, some people began the restoration of the lobby floor. There was a drilling noise 24/7, and even we had a suite on the tenth floor, we could still hear it. So irritating! - Wolftail

7 Unhelpful Staff
8 People In The Next Door Room To You Screaming Throughout The Night

Can't a person get any sleep in here? - Wolftail

9 Rude People
10 One-star Facilities

This is a five-star hotel! Why are these one-star facilities here? People paid a lot of money for this hotel, you know. - Wolftail

The Contenders

11 Your Worst Enemy

Hmm, who knows what they might be planning to ruin your holiday? - Wolftail

12 A 5 Star Hotel in a 5 Star Hotel

Never heard of it so that’s likely an indicator

5 Star Hotel-ception: Not as good as people think it is - imacg4

A hotel within a hotel... *MIND BLOWN* - Wolftail

13 A man and a woman having sex in your room.
14 Bed Bugs
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