Top 10 Tips & Things You Should Know About High School

The Top Ten Tips & Things You Should Know About High School

1 Don't do drugs

How about: picture the scene: somebody broke a chair and everybody thinks it is you. Don't contradict them, make yourself guilty,
even though you just saw the broken chair and did not break it.
That is how to live life: make yourself the criminal.

Drugs will ruin your life. A section of my friends do drugs and I personally try to get them to stop. It is no use, they are already addicted. Don't think it won't happen to you. - 2storm

Drugs are a bad habit so you should not do it because it will kill you!

If you do drugs you're a bum annd I don't mess with you.
I don't want to ruin my life.

2 Don't procrastinate

Most of the people in my class really need to know this! High school isn't like elementary school where if you don't do your homework, teachers will let you off the hook and give you a bunch of extensions.

Yeah you gotta learn how to grind a little bit. If middle school didn’t teach you already high school will be a tough time for you - Randomator

Procrastination is when you wait until the last minute to do homework - Ajkloth

Yeah procrastination will kill you. Figuratively. - 2storm

3 Go to orientation (Freshman)

Definitely makes you feel better about that first day with the entire school - Randomator

If you go to orientation so you can get to know your school, you will be WAY less nervous on the first day of school - Ajkloth

My high school serves free pizza to the incoming freshmen during orientations

Yeah orientation makes a huge difference. - 2storm

4 Keep your awkward hobbies to yourself

Nobody wants to know about your booger collection - Ajkloth

5 Don't start rumors & drama

Even if you try your best to stay neutral, drama will find a way to get to you

Nobody will like you - Ajkloth

Worst part of school

The worst part was drama or rumors of someone - trains45

6 Don't stop in the middle of the hallway and chat with your friends

Usually when I want to talk to someone I usually just walk with them, go to their locker, talk in either of our classroom doors, or if I am walking in the opposite direction I just pull a U turn. - 2storm

I usually walked with them if I stopped I wouldn't block an area - trains45

They do this in high schools as well. I dislike it usually because it causes people to get in the way when you need to go someplace.

You can talk just don’t block other people from getting to class - Randomator

7 Upperclassmen don't bully the freshman

Sophomores may make fun of the freshman a little bit but the juniors and seniors definitely don't care enough to do anything to them. If the freshman don't bother the seniors, the seniors won't bother the freshman. - Ajkloth

Oh come on it’s kind of a tradition to pick on the freshmen a little bit - Randomator

I got kicked out of the school lounge by some white trash seniors and they aren't even the teachers or principal so any senior in my school plus us freshmen are better because we are still kids and they are adults - Ihateschool

This is why bullying is bad and should be stopped.

8 Don't stress out too much

Yeah people will just stress themselves out. It isn't even that bad, High School is actually fun in my opinion. Just enjoy it. - 2storm

High school was sometimes stressful sometimes it wasn't just depends on what day it was - trains45

Just go with the flow and enjoy your high school years. You’re only here once - Randomator

People say I stress out way to much and I'm in the 7th grade. Can't wait to see what high school is like.

9 If you hate who you were in middle school, this is a time where you can reinvent yourself.

Yeah I had a teacher freshman year who once said. Your grades in Middle school don’t mean anything. Everybody gets a clean slate in high school - Randomator

Yep no grades count. - 2storm

10 Don’t block people’s lockers

I don't have a problem with this. I just ask the person to move or I just wait. One time though I had to talk to one of my teachers about something and I was running late for a class and the teacher forgot to give me a note and when I got to my locker this one dude was getting something from his bottom locker. I could tell he had a physical disability and when I tried to help him get his books he just declined me, so I had to wait about a minute. I ended up being about a minute late for class, but thankfully my teacher was cool and I didn't get in-school or a write-off for being late. - 2storm

This annoying when someone is especially if you're running late - trains45

Literally nobody uses their lockers in my school - Randomator

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11 Always take notes in class

Always get the important stuff down. Make sure your notes are organized so you can use them to study - Randomator

Especially if your grades are low... writing facts on paper is like writing them into your head.

I always take notes unless it is a easy class. - 2storm

12 Don't tap your foot/fingers during class

It is really annoying. - 2storm

It can be annoying - Randomator

that's one way to get beat up.


13 Do not give into peer pressure.

Peer Pressure can cause a LOT of damage to you and the people around you.

Because it actually helps you or your friend to not get in a bad sticky sitiuation

14 If you hate one of your teachers, chances are you will only ever have him/her for the one semester

Same with the students. You might not even see them again after that semester.

15 Don’t date seniors

Ok thanks for that becuse I was thinking about it

16 Not everyone will like you and want to be your friend

Not everyone is going to like you. but it really doesn't matter, think about what you do have, not what you don't

17 Don't be late to class

Last year my school had a rule where if you’re late you have to go to the office and get a tardy pass and then go back to class because after the bell all the doors are supposed to be locked - Randomator

In my high school if you were late for even 1 millisecond you automatically get detention

18 There is no recess

There's no recess in middle school, either.

Recess I learnt what that was from American television shows, it looks little kiddy. What next do you want toy day?

I have recess in my middle school

No reccess there is study time though.

19 Don't buy elevator passes from other students

My high school had elevators but most of the students were not allowed to use them.

The elevator passes are fake.
It's a trick that my dad played on the freshman when he was a senior, and it worked!... But he got in a little bit of trouble. - Ajkloth

My school has a legit working elevator. - Lunala

20 Don’t act like you run the place

Yea because that's extremely annoying and can cause you to get some bad attention.

Its really annoying

21 Cut off any bad influences

Trust me, you don't want to be near or seen with anyone you know is considered a bad influence because the company you keep is the company you get and no one will want to hang out with you.

22 Be friendly to everyone and smile.

You don't have to be all bubbly to EVERY single person and No one expects you to just don't be mean or ignorant.

Yes! Do this!


23 Don’t stare

Damn high school sounds like a prison.

24 Don't judge people too quickly
25 People will be fake

Not everyone is going to be a "True" friend. Fake People are always gonna be around you might as well get used to it.

"must be people that are your friends will stop being your friend in high school or middle school.the best thing to do is not worry about it and move on.

26 Don't call yourself stupid
27 Focus on schoolwork more than anything else as these grades matter for your future life
28 Don’t let anyone borrow your stationery

I let someone borrow a pen and they did not give it back what a b***h

29 You don’t need attention

€�If all you care is about people know and want to be popular, that is not how school work -love school

30 There's way more people

It's not like elementary school where you're stuck with the same people. There's a lot more people in high school with many different interests, making it easier to make friends, especially in a club or elective classes.

31 There is no pool on the fourth floor

The pool is near the gym

32 Be yourself
33 Don't let others bring you down. It's your opinion that truly matters.

Bullying is a given, I know this because I've chopped and changed schools constantly. I'm going back to one of the ones I was at and am going to not listen to anyone's opinions, I have short hair, I'm not lesbian. (No offense to anyone! ) I'm chubby! Who the hell cares! I am who I am, accept me, or get out of my way because I don't have enough time in my life to deal with your judgy self. 😍

34 Be yourself and not like others
35 Be careful who you hang out with

Some people will be your friend but some will not

36 Don’t believe what other people say to you

Be confident and brave, never let anyone take you down even if it is a joke or for one day, trust me it will turn real and they will eventually be really annoying for the rest of your high school years.

37 Don't use your phone in class

Most teachers don't care, but for some reason their are those few teachers that threw a fit at my school and my school ended not letting use it during class time. - 2storm

Literally half the teachers in my school don’t care if you’re on it during work time. Obviously not when they’re teaching but if they’re just sitting at their desk some don’t care - Randomator

38 Just be who you are and don't let anyone tell you differently

Nobody can put labels on you. nobody. if someone calls you stupid, it just reflects on them because they're just jealous of you even though it might not seem like it, they are

39 Larger than middle school
40 Don’t let anyone judge you for who you are
41 Be a quiet student

A lot of people want to be successful in high school and avoid failure this can help show your intelligence and be able to understand what the teacher is teaching in class

42 Get involved in activities

Yeah! You'll show up in the yearbook more! I'm a freshman N I'm scared as HECK! because I don't know where ANYTHING is and I have no friends. But I'm joining this one club and I already signed up for 3 sports.

43 Value the good people
44 Study

You just need to catch up sometime

45 Do not be the loud person

You will hear girls scream, "Hey Bestfraand! " when they get to school and they may think it's cool but little do they know no one likes them because of that. Just talk normal, speak when spoken to.

46 Change the school if you don't feel like you fit in or if the school isn't for you

Not just for american schools but for everywhere. If you don't like the school, change it as fast as you can.

47 Don’t spend time with classmates

This can help avoid drama and bullying from other classmates. This can also help avoid distractions

48 Not everyone will let you slide

Be careful what you say to other people there are some that won’t care while there are others that will actually try to pick a fight with you after school

49 Do not fight

I can’t stress this enough! Do not fight!

50 Focus on your studies

If you get into some drama don't let that distract you from your studies

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