Top 10 Tips & Things You Should Know About High School


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1 Go to orientation (Freshman)

If you go to orientation so you can get to know your school, you will be WAY less nervous on the first day of school - Ajkloth

My high school serves free pizza to the incoming freshmen during orientations

Hell Yes!

2 Don't procrastinate

Most of the people in my class really need to know this! High school isn't like elementary school where if you don't do your homework, teachers will let you off the hook and give you a bunch of extensions.

Procrastination is when you wait until the last minute to do homework - Ajkloth

Easier said than done, lol. - Elina

3 Don't start rumors & drama

Nobody will like you - Ajkloth

Worst part of school

4 Don't do drugs

TRUST ME. It messes with your mind. - Ajkloth

Drugs ruin your life! Don't do them! - RiverClanRocks

Ha! But me and my drug dealer have just finally settled. I'm kidding. - Manlypants

Do drugs its fun! Do it in the bathroom, smoke weed everyday like me - rap

Yeah because cannabis brainwashes you, reprograms your brain so that you think it is good and get more. - MChkflaguard_Yt

5 Don't stress out too much

Highschool is only four years of your life and after you graduate, you'll probably just forget about it. - Ajkloth

People say I stress out way to much and I'm in the 7th grade. Can't wait to see what high school is like.

6 Don't stop in the middle of the hallway and chat with your friends

This happens all the time in my middle school and most of the people in my grade are super loud. I hate being classified with those people.

This will a lot in my school and I end up late to classes because people won't move and it causes a traffic jam in the hallway.

As an upperclassmen I hate this but honestly we all did this as a freshman come on guys

I hate when people do this, like I don't want to be sitting in detention with y'all for being late!

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7 Keep your awkward hobbies to yourself

Nobody wants to know about your booger collection - Ajkloth

8 Don't tap your foot/fingers during class


9 Upperclassmen don't bully the freshman

Sophomores may make fun of the freshman a little bit but the juniors and seniors definitely don't care enough to do anything to them. If the freshman don't bother the seniors, the seniors won't bother the freshman. - Ajkloth

I got kicked out of the school lounge by some white trash seniors and they aren't even the teachers or principal so any senior in my school plus us freshmen are better because we are still kids and they are adults - Ihateschool

Some them do, but most mind their own business. If they do bully the Freshmen then they are just misfits with low self esteem. - NikoX

10 Don't buy elevator passes from other students

My school has a legit working elevator. - Lunala

The elevator passes are fake.
It's a trick that my dad played on the freshman when he was a senior, and it worked!... But he got in a little bit of trouble. - Ajkloth

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11 If you hate who you were in middle school, this is a time where you can reinvent yourself.

Yes, always try to improve yourself. Look at your weaknesses and try to find ways to improve them. - Art_Classical

12 There is no recess

Recess I learnt what that was from American television shows, it looks little kiddy. What next do you want toy day?

There's no recess in middle school, either.

13 Be friendly to everyone and smile.

Yes! Do this!

NO - tearest7

14 There's way more people

It's not like elementary school where you're stuck with the same people. There's a lot more people in high school with many different interests, making it easier to make friends, especially in a club or elective classes.

15 Don't be late to class
16 Do not give into peer pressure.
17 If you hate one of your teachers, chances are you will only ever have him/her for the one semester

Same with the students. You might not even see them again after that semester.

18 Don’t block people’s lockers
19 Don't call yourself stupid
20 Larger than middle school
21 There is no pool on the fourth floor
22 Be yourself
23 Not everyone will like you and want to be your friend
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