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61 Fakir & Ahiru - Princess Tutu

(Spoilers! ) These two deserve my vote more than any other couple. In most anime, most of us could guess who will end up with who just by watching a few episodes. For example, I knew that Mamoru from Inazuma Eleven would end up with Natsumi after watching the first few episodes. They got married ten years later just as I predicted. But I am pretty sure none of us expected Ahiru and Fakir to fall in love with each other. I thought Ahiru would end up with Mytho. But after 12 episodes I started shipping Ahiru and Fakir but I still had doubts as to who will end up with who. It's wasn't predictable at all! That's what makes this story special! I am not sure whether Ahiru has feelings for Fakir though. I have read the guide book and in that it says that Ahiru likes Fakir only as a friend while Fakir LOVES Ahiru. Ahiru cares about Fakir and trusts him a lot though. Ahiru loves Mytho while Fakir loves Ahiru. What a nice love triangle! But I do wish that Ikuko Itoh would make a season 3 with a ...more - ToukaKirishima

God I hate the ending so much, I wish Fakir and Ahiru got together like everyone hoped so sad. Mytho and Rue were a couple, why not Fakir and Ahiru? I mean it wasn't bad cause it was happy but it should have been a little different. Why'd the series have to end after 2 seasons when it was popular and got good reviews, should've kept running for another 2. Man writers suck and should take more suggestions from their fans.

I really like this couple because they are both very devoted to each other. This is probably one of the most memorable couples for me.

Ahiru : You saw?
Fakir : No.
Only a Princess Tutu fan will understand this - ToukaKirishima

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62 Gouda Takeo & Rinko Yamato - Ore Monogatari

This anime is by far one of the best romance anime's ever made!

It's an anime any ugly/forever alone guy can relate to. Gouda Takeo is a giant (and practically superhuman) high school boy who wanta to be in a relationship. Yet he isn't popular with girls at all while his (better looking) best friend, Suna, has girls (young, old and even married) flirting with him all the time.

Yet when Gouda valiantly saves high school girl Rinko Yamato from a pervert, the two instantly fall for each other. However, Takeo is completely oblivious to her advances because he's in a constant state of mind that no girl will ever fall in love with him and tries to get her together with his best friend Suna instead.

Yet the anime doesn't waste any time getting Takeo and Yamato together. And even though they are polar opposites in terms of physical traits, their passionate personalities and hearts of gold make them a perfect match!

This anime relationship is beautiful because it ...more

This is so cute, like a beauty and the beast tale. - MarinetteNoir

63 Sasuke Uchiha & Ino Yamanaka
64 Yusei Fudo & Akiza Izinski - Yu-gi-oh
65 Yuu Otosaka & Nao Tomori - Charlotte

They are one of the most perfect couple I've ever seen. Tomori the the one who changed his life to become a better person. Otosaka never breaks the promise he made with her. Their relationship is just too adorable. There's no one in this world who wouldn't ship this.

I bet the reason I ask is... Yuu and Nao are both couples - lovers. As I see, they love each other. Hopefully, their relationship seems to have paid off. Soon they will get married as they share their kiss.

How am I supposed to know? Yuu and Nao are supposed to kiss each other being like couples before getting married? Hopefully, their relationship will pay off.


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66 Shion & Nezumi - No.6

The innocence of this pairing is so pure and adorable. They are my favourite pairing thus far. They should be higher up on the list.

These two are so cute together. It warms my heart just thinking about them

It's adorable how they grow to care for each other, especially Nezumi, who changes for the better because of Shion.

I love yaoi

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67 Ittoki Otoya & Nanami Haruka - Uta no prince-sama

Seeing this MADE MY DAY!
I ship Ittoki with Haru the most, even though Kurusu Syo is my (hands down) favorite

I thought that they would finish together when they first meet lol - TopiTaupe

68 Orihime Inoue & Ulquiorra Schiffer - Bleach

Come on, Ulquiorra was MADE for Orihime because of her he understands feelings and he may come back because of them! Ulquiorra was the first person to EVER complement her ability properly her shield even stopped Nnoitra's synth who is the best at swords in the current espada that is EPIC! Ulquiorra pwned Ichigo... I can see a pattern going on here!

His death was so sad. When he said 'Are you afraid woman? '. I knew immediately that he genuinely cared what she thought. Then I realized the other tiny little things he did because he cared about her. I wish he hadn't died...

I wanted him to be alive so that he and Orihime can be together. In his last moments, he extended his hand towards her and asked in the same fashion "Are you afraid, woman? ". When Inoue replied that she isn't with tears in her eyes, ah... That was a heart shattering moment. Ulquiorra was the best villain in Bleach! ( - Hellblazer94

I have nothing to say, they are so perfect, Orihime show Ulquiorra what a heart is, Ulquiorra have little emotion thanks to Orihime

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69 Kazuma Yagami & Ayano Kannagi - Kaze no Stigma

Sweet couple totally cute

I wish that they end up together and I think they should be the first of all anime coup, es

Wanted a better ending with more romance but even without that, this couple has to take a position in the top twenties.

They only kind of got together in the end but not really I want them together!

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70 Chiaki & Makoto - The Girl Who Leapt Through Time V 1 Comment
71 Otonashi Yuzuru & Tachibana Kanade - Angel Beats

Definitely one of the best couples out there. I thought that Otonashi was going to be with Yurippe when I first saw the series but I like that he gravitated more towards Kanade. They're just such a good match! I really want to see them together in their reincarnated form.

God, these two are perfect. I don't really cry when it comes to anime, but the ending of Angel Beats made be break into tears. My mom heard me crying and ran into my room asking what was wrong. I really want a continuation of the show--maybe an OVA--of these two reincarnated.

Anyone who knows me in real life knows that I feel that fake characters are more real then living people so when I saw this romance pan out I was happy as the realization that they would soon part ways slowly sinking in... That made the end so much more memorable and I found myself crying even after the credits rolled, the stinger was not even enough to curve my tears... Found myself holding back a floodgates worth full of tears 10/10 would suffer through again.

This is still my OTP. Cutest ship ever.

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72 Haruhi Fujioka & Kaoru Hittachin - Ouran HS Host Club

I'm more of a tamaki X haruhi kind of girl to be honest, but this ship is still cute.

The voice actors are married in real life, so I had to vote.

I personally feel that this ship is better than Tamaki x Haruhi because of their matching personalities, I guess...

Why is Kaoru so far from Hikaru? :,(

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73 Kosuke Ueki & Ai Mori - Law of Ueki

They're my favourite couple! They're so cute together! Ai always cares about ueki and ueki also cares for ai. I ship them so hard - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

74 Yami Yugi & Ishizu Ishtar
75 Nanase Haruka & Matsuoka Rin - Free!

The whole Australia thing? God I ship this so much it hurts

They both have had a huge impact on eachother's lives.

They're perfect together! Long live yaoi?


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76 Felicita & Liberta - Arcana Famiglia V 1 Comment
77 Ryuuji Takasu & Taiga Aisaka - Toradora!

These two are great together. They were clearly meant to be together right from the second episode.

Another two timer in the list. Who cares, I LOVE THEM!

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78 YĆ«ta Togashi & Rikka Takanashi - Love, Chunibyo and Other Delusions

Totally one of the cutest couples in anime. They have an unbreakable bond and their love for each other is undeniably strong!

I love them! One of the best couples with a cute love story

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79 Robin & Franky - One Piece

No way I know that I should be supporting this couple but no zoro and Robin yes luff and nami yes but frankly and Robin no

What the hell? I know I'm suppose to support this couple but seriously? Robin and Franky? I think Luffy should be with Nami because she was the only one that Luffy trust with his most prized procession, plus, that couple is really really cute. Also Robin and Zoro should be together, Zoro was the only one who still doesn't trust Robin. Plus, the ZoroRobin moment when Robin was elctrified by Kami Eneru was sweet and the time in the anime at Water 7 when Robin caught Zoro babysitting. ^ ^

ZoRobin for ever.I can't even think Robin will not be a couple with Zoro.They are just so perfct together.And their moments are so cute.Oda, when he have the chance,always shows us these two together and that's why they will be a couple in the end of the series.Of course to find this we must wait at least 15 years.So,we must be patient.

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80 Naru & Mai - Ghost Hunt

THEY ARE SO CUTE! I think they would be the perfect couple since Naru is always getting Mai out of trouble and Mai is always arguing with him for some reason. Plus it's obvious Mai is in love with Naru.

This needs to be higher instead of 420

I hope it will cannon in the manga

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