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1 MB Trading

What is the priducser to connect with you

MB Trading is an ECN that provides low spreads and offers lower than micro lot trading. MB Trading is awesome!

One of the best brokers in the world.
What they claim they do.


Have been with them for more than 5 years... Withdrawal n execution is good.

I have them right now, for about a few years now, haven't had any problems, they help you install your custom indicators, and any other problems you may have with mt4. They recently had their mt4 upgraded and now my indicators will not work, if I can't get them to work, and they have helped me with them, I'm going to have to leave after all these years, and I really hate too, I haven't had any problems with them, I have nothing bad to say about them, but I will be forced to switch to another broker, is I can't get my incators back up and running, I'm losing a small fortune. Love 'em

Good server and prompt execution of orders. is more detailed and good among the learners.

3 Interbank FX

No re-quotes... good spreads, best trading executions.

Traded with them for over 5 years, never had a problem, smooth transactions, good spreads, good platform, best execution rates.. I give them 9, 5/10

Very nice trading platform and services.

Awesome and transparent broker


Trading with for 6 years. No problems

It's really helpful system

6 eToro

By it, s name, looks a stupid broker, but by her professionality, by her trustworthiness, by fair deals, A world class name through out the years. Very very reliable since many many many years.

Long lasting relation on trading...

The Best Broker, minimun deposit, perfect platform and social trading

7 HotForex

HotForex is an award winning brand that provides forex and commodities brokerage services. Fully licensed and regulated by CySEC and the FSC, they offer various accounts types, trading software, and trading tools to facilitate individuals, fund managers, and institutional clients in trading forex and commodities.

HotForex offers an unparalleled trading experience with excellent multilingual support in an effort to provide its clients with every trading advantage possible.

Straight forward and good service. A good broker. Highly recommended

As working long time with this broker it is very fast in Deposit and Withdraw.

I decided to start trading with HotForex thanks to a friend's advice and I don't regret it. It is a regulated broker very professional and they deliver what they promise.

8 HY Markets

Solid good broker, trade through them for 9 months now on different platforms.

Recommended for professional traders and beginners, really helped me develop my trading skills.

Great broker, regulated and secure, great trading conditions, and easy withdrawal conditions.

10 AC Markets

Trade desk broker that guarantees their stops and orders. The spreads are ok and you can trade in Euro's!

The Contenders


Good marketing strategy good customer service, easy withdrawer and funding methods liable and also proved sponsorship and support spread is also good.

Spread is very low, Service is good, withdrawal is also fine

Please contact me for information

Awesome forex broker all time


Forex and CFD trading online. Free demo accounts. FX news, charts, quotes, poweful trading platform.

Good broker. They have 2 pips spread on EURUSD, and free ATM card for new trading account.

What is the minimum deposit

Very good broker. I am making money for the first time after changing 3 brokers which turned out to be bucketshops.


Top broker, superior execution and excellent support level. Spreads are decent platform variety is decent.

The best Broker ever I found..100/100

Very good broker this

14 InstaForex

InstaForex is a perfect broker for me, They keep fixed spread which is perfect for me. I never had any problems with them even in fast moving markets and I suggest you give them a try. InstaForex is offering several types of accounts, starting with the common demo account that would allow a trader to try out the markets and new strategies. It is easy to open a live account with InstaForex it took only a minute. In terms of trading platform, it is easy to use and safe.

I am happy with what I get from forex trading and all that I get was easily without losing much in advance. All of that happened because I choose the right broker, namely InstaForex. InstaForex is the reliable and best broker in Indonesia and even in Asia. Only with 1 dollar for first deposit, now I've got thousands of dollars. And I have a better life than before.

I use this broker for more than a year and am very pleased. Their website is also convenient, they provides various program packages, especially for newcomers. I always use their updated market news and their market strategies whenever I trade. Customer advisers are really polite and helpful. I recommend it to anyone wanting to trade forex.

InstaForex is 100% professional broker. They have a very good server, the latest and also flexible to be used with any gadget. The platform they use is also continually updated as the development, so that the trading process from the time of deposit to withdraw profits always go smoothly.

15 WestcapFx
16 Alpari

Best broker in the world

Easy to use with Metatrader 4.

17 LiteForex

I've been trade in this broker since 2009, it's cool broker because they are very honest and never against us to make profit there...

This years, Liteforex improving their quality services. There are new bonus system, "next level" and "beyond next level"..
Lite inspired by the result of last years, in 2013 was the best improvement of lite companies, all clients got satisfied on trade with lite...

No Job that could making us more feel amazed with. Trading in Liteforex broker really exciting, hundreds dollar is easy to gained. Indeed, this broker very recommended because they never against us always serve us heartily...

I hope in this New Year, I can improve my talent and got more huge dollar from this broker...
I've missed for last year, because my trade really success in this broker.
I hope it will continue..

18 Traders Trust TTCM

ECN/STP Brokers with the lowest spreads on the market! No Conflict of interest. Really is a broker on your side

19 Forex4you
20 FX-EDGE Trading Venue

Innovative ECN broker with tight spreads and low commissions. They have also interesting proprietary platform apart from MT4

21 Pepperstone

Really serious company without any market maker nonsense, which can be advantage or disadvantage, depending from your point of view. The lowest floating spread I have seen so far.

22 Formax
23 JustForex

First time you join JustForex and start trading on welcome bonus funds you feel “wow”! It is very impressive and satisfying! The MT4 platform looks slightly different, the connection with a server is stable. I am very satisfied with it. I have easily made a profit trading on the bonus funds.
Bravo, JustForex!

24 Global Prime Forex
25 XTB

Trustworthy, FCA regulated broker

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