Top Ten Grossest Things

Dog poo? Vomit? I have personally taken the liberty to delve into these gross abominations just 2 give u the necessary info

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21 Maggots


oh god these should be no. 1... they're the most foul creation in this universe...

- lostgirl19

Not the worst things, I just squish with a shoe. The only thing that could be gross is when one of those things get on your food! - funnyuser

They are so gross! - Powerfulgirl10

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22 Dirty Nappies

It really puts u off having kids. - Stoshie

If it gets blown away, better hope that it doesn't get on to your face!

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23 Tattoos

Why do people damage their bodies, Just to make them look even uglier

Tattoos are disgusting! And when you get older they get wrinkly! Not a good look!

Only a bunch of tattoos are gross... Otherwise I love them

Not gross. They just damage skin sometimes. - Powerfulgirl10

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24 1 Priest 1 Nun Video
25 Girl Eating Her Own Bloody Tampon Video

Oh my God! Seriously? I avoid those type of sites; I just think that's... Ugh! Really bad! Why someone would do that AND VIDEO it is beyond me. - Britgirl

Talk about SICK! Don't eat tampons! They are good for one reason! And eating them is NOT one of them

Well so much for me eating lunch.

Don't even want to think about that. - PianoQueen

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26 Nasty nose pickers

anyone who picks and rolls there booger and eats them

27 Smoking

Only "STUPID" people smoke! I know, you're going to say, "Hey, I'm educated or I have an I.Q. of #$*"(what ever). You can't claim ignorance because there's just to much info out there on the harmful effects of smoking, so smokers must be stupid people. It's nothing more than slow suicide. Let's face it, smokers are low-life trashy stupid people. Every creature on Earth runs from smoke - except humans - and they suck it into their bodies like they can't get enough. Maybe that makes all other creatures smarter than humans that smoke!

Smoking stinks. I should know because I am around Smoking all the time. It seriously makes me very sick. I wish it would just stop! - Godisawesome1

People should not do this its nasty can kill them and or their family they I think should not do that it should be illegal to smoke my name is heather and I hate people who think smoking is fun I think its nasty my aunt smokes and I hate seeing her cause she says I will stop soon but never will it makes me mad!

Smoking stinks and I will never smoke. - Lunala

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28 "Brian Griffin's House of Payne" Family Guy episode

The entire episode has a baby (stewie) with his head cracked open.

29 Walking in on your parents having sex

I feel lucky I haven't seen that one.

What a violation of privacy.

That would scar little kids for life. - egnomac

I've did it before but I'm over it I've seen worse

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30 The toenail scene from "House Fancy" (SpongeBob Squarepants episode)

That gave me nightmares for weeks, and it still does.

Parent really do have to watch modern SpongeBob to see how truly horrible it's gotten.

I thought this was worse than the splinter. the splinter was more cartoonish and over the top while the toenail scene in house fancy was more realistic.

I remember switching the channels and seeing this, I was scarred for a very long time. Remember I was also 10 when I saw it. - Scarr441

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31 Bugs

I'm okay with living bugs...they're cute and fun to hold, but dead ones...there is something just eerie and nasty about them... - emraldYE

Agreed. But what's worse is dead fish. One time I went to the pet store and looked at the fish. But, I walked really close to a tank, and I saw a dead fish just floating in the middle of the tank, slowly going down and decomposing. I automatically shivered and ran away. - HyenaLover

Ants, moths, dragonflies, and others I'm fine with.

But god forbid a spider or a bee/wasp is right next to me or I'll run about a mile. - purpleyoshi98

I hate cockroaches. I am not really a bug person. I'm even scared of butterflies sometimes. - Lunala

I think bugs are cool!

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32 Morning Breath

Gross brush your teeth as soon as you get up!

I always get this when I try to get rid of it! - Powerfulgirl10

It sucks to smell someone with Hot Breath, someone call the fire truck WHOO WHOO!

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33 Worms inside one's body

the worst and its worse if you see em inside your own body - ronluna

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34 Semen
35 Ren & Stimpy "Adult Party Cartoon" Ren & Stimpy The Ren & Stimpy Show, often simply referred to as Ren & Stimpy, is an American animated television series created by John Kricfalusi for Nickelodeon.

The episode "Ren Seeks Help" made me feel like I was watching a pure horror movie!

No... A bunch of naked women with bikinis and Godzilla boobs. I like Ren and Stimpy, but this is inappropriate.

Worst spinoff ever. It's horrible! It ruins the original. - Powerfulgirl10

36 Dog poop on your new house's walls

Trust me you never want to see or smell it because it stinks so bad! Lastly yes diarrhea is HORRID!

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37 Lice

I had them. Not cool, god made everything for a reason, so what's there's?

A girl I knew in first grade had head lice. - Powerfulgirl10

38 Fat people belly dancing

It's not gross. I think it's funny. - Kiteretsunu

If it was meant to be a joke, this is worth a show! HAHA

Not gross, just weird. - Powerfulgirl10


39 Orgy

It is gross and inappropriate to watch. I can't imagine seeing a lot of people doing it at once. There's nothing wrong with having kids, but it's so bad to watch.

I'll die of I come across this in real life. - Powerfulgirl10

What's so gross about it, WHAT'S SO GROSS ABOUT IT?!?! NO ONE WANTS TO SEE A BUNCH OF PEOPLE HAVING SEX! WHY WOULD TOU WANT TO SEE THAT?! I don't what to have kids because of this.

Nice - purpleyoshi98

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40 Brokeback Mountain love scenes

What's up with all the homophobia on this list!

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