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41 Genital Warts

every time I think of that I want to throw up - metfan001

Thanks for putting THAT image in my head. - Powerfulgirl10

42 "The Splinter" SpongeBob Squarepants episode

Made me quit spinning forever. It was like a horror movie!

All parents need to watch this episode and realize how truly terrible SpongeBob has gotten.

That splinter oozing green puss... Imagine if that was blood instead!

Ugh, could not get it out of my head. Went bowling directly after watching, and missed a strike because of it

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43 Armpit hair
44 Stinky fingers

You could at least wash your hands.

45 Dead Rats

My grandma's cat brings in dead rats. I'm actually not scared of rodents unlike my family, so I'm the only one who can pick it up and put it outside easily. Dead rats are bad but for some reason I can handle blood and gore easily. - Lunala

Anything dead looks both gross and terrifying. - Kiteretsunu

You sick people just offended deadmau5. My favorite artist - HyenaLover

46 Pubic Hair

In my opinion, we don't need ANY other hair on our bodies besides our eyebrows, eyelashes, and the hair on our head. Why would we need pube hair? It's gross and it's EXTREMELY annoying!


So gross what is the point of it - KezziRose

It makes you look uglier. Why does it exist? - Powerfulgirl10

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47 Gay/Lesbian

I thought humanity was over this already! Homosexuals are like you and me. there's even some animals that are homosexual. animals like the American bison, the Japanese macaque, even the giraffe, have all been known to have homosexual relationships.

This shouldn't be on this list you homophobe! These are people just like you and me, but just a little unique in their own way. If you have something against them, then go cry to your mommy about it!

There is nothing wrong with gay and lesbian people! You don't tell them how to live their life! And I honestly think that gay couples are adorable. - Pegasister12

Homophobia isn't cool. - Lunala

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48 People eating poop V 2 Comments
49 Open bedsore

it's the worst thing to smell is dead flesh

50 Bubsy 3d

One of the worst video games of all time.

51 The Whale Scene from "Peter Problems" (Family Guy episode)

Not just disgusting, but cruel as well

52 Passing Gas

You could at least say excuse me when you do it in public.

It's a secret weapon which some people do to annoy the crowd. - Kiteretsunu

I have a speech to make everyone!
If one decides to pass gas, then we have nothing to fear. Because that person over there did it!

Who, me?

Yes, you!

53 High School Bathrooms

It's horrible because people don't circulate the bathroom air often, always turn on the heater which makes the smell even worse and stupid girls spray perfumes in the bathroom! These 3 combination makes the high school bathroom smell HORRIBLE!

Girl bathrooms smell of poopy fart smell, perfumes, beauty equipment (makeup, hairbrush, etc) fumes and deodorants combined. Also some wrote "Lost unicorn! if found, please stop doing drugs" in one of the stalls. Apparently boy bathrooms smell of pee and have penis drawings but I'm a girl so how could I know? - Lunala

Absolutely deserves to be at least number 5 on the list. I mean seriously, high school bathrooms simply are worse then others on the list. This category includes the following sickening attributes:
1. Poop in the toilet - gross, I mean how hard is it to push a lever that isn't even 2 feet from you, lazy people *rolls eyes*. Anyway who wants to go #2 in a school in the first place?!?
2. No doors for the stalls (or they don't close) - no privacy whatsoever.
3. Wet floors - Best to avoid for obvious reasons, especially green water ewwww!
4. No soap - I always wash my hands. So this is a major problem.
5. Sinks that you have to hold down, very annoying.
Any those are just a few reasons to hate high school bathrooms. Or really almost every type of public bathroom in general.

54 Blue waffle

It's SO gross. DON'T look it up! I looked it up 'cause I thought it couldn't be that gross. But I was wrong.

I am totally weird so being me I looked up blue waffles on images! Don't do this it's a diaseased vagina... GROSS!

At first, I thought it was a moldy waffle, but it's a VERY diseased vagina! Don't look it up! I feel like puking right now...

Do not look this up at all! It's a diseased vagina! - Powerfulgirl10

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55 Phlegm
56 Rednecks

I agree. All my neighbors. And my brother's family. Ugh.
"How y'all doing'? " And they smile. Nice teeth--NOT--.
"God... "--until now. Wow...

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57 Puss Infections

I saw them in a SpongeBob episode. It wasn't pretty.

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58 Barack Obama

I liked obama. I thought he was a really nice and pleasant guy.

Better than Donald Trump. - Powerfulgirl10

Obama seems really nice

B a r I k O b a r m e r

I'm a good speller.

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59 Meg
60 Sanjay and Craig

They Even Have A Jar Of Farts! Yuck! - RockStarr

It isn't gross. Just bland. - RalphBob

How is this even considered a kids show? - Powerfulgirl10

Bad epusodes. one about a fart baby, another about gross "knee flaps" and another about people throwing up. - Lunala

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